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I've never been big on candles, I'm always scared that I'll burn the house down! Plus, with my two runnings around like loons I'm sure they'd knock them off or get a singed nose in no time
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I'm usually not in a room long enough to bother burning it. Besides, with two young kittens I just don't trust them... I used to burn them in the winter though. It always made me feel cozier somehow.
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I don't because of the cats. Limerickgot wax alll over him one time and I don't want to risk it happening again
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Cindy, to answer your question, I only burn mine on surfaces that they cats are not able to get to- the stove and the bathroom vanity (neither one of them are reachable for kitties). I'm not too worried about Eppie going near 'em, but Cosette is still in that phase where she wants to investigate anything and everything!
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I use to work at a candle store so i always have a huge amount of candles everywhere. But i only light them occationally
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I burn GLADE candles, them lil $2ish ones, and man do they smell GREAT!

I color-coordinate them with whatever room they're burning in. I have at least 2 in each room.

I light 'em up when I get home at night, if I'm not going anywhere. Also I have non-stinky candles that are just for lighting, that I set ablaze on my mantle and IN my fireplace (versus using the dang dirty thing) and it's really romantic.

Glade has been my savior... the candles AND the plug-ins. Everyone says my house always smells so good! Then they see 6 cats and ask me HOW I DO IT! I just say, uh ... Glade...
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Originally Posted by RoseHawke
All righty then, here's a somewhat related question then, other than the obvious of watching them while the candles are lit, are there any tips to keeping the cats away from them? Or will they just learn, after one experience, that maybe it's not the best thing to bat at the flame?!? I suppose from here on it, I just need to make sure to get the big, heavy candles, preferably the ones in jars, that they really can't mess with. The den and media rooms aren't problems since they're not allowed back there (media room is also the company room, and both my brothers-in-law are allergic,) but could be a problem in the rest of the house.
Please, NEVER stop watching your kitties while candles are burning. I have a sad story.
I work for a company that, among other things, does fire damage restoration. We got a job caused by a cat knocking over a candle. The insured was just outside calling her kids for dinner. The cat didn't survive due to smoke inhalation. The woman was a firefighter. It could happen to ANYONE. It only takes a SECOND!
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I love candles, but I don't burn them. I am afrraid of Beau, Felicia or me knocking it over.
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I mainly use them once in a while for nice dinners or to create some cheery mood lighting since it is very dark here in winter.

The other day I flipped out and bought this huge awsome candle with coffee beans all the way through it - it is so pretty, I dont dare light it!!
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