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But that is the owner's fault, not the dogs
That's partially correct, but irrelevant in an emergency situation. I would venture to guess that most dogs are not properly trained and would therefore have a great potential to cause incredible chaos.

In fact, even trained domestic animals are, well, animals. They operate largely on instinct, and the results of crowding large numbers of them into a shelter along with large numbers of people, most of whom they don't know, would likely not be good, especially since only a small portion of those animals would be properly trained in the first place.

I love my cats to pieces, but I have no illusions about how well they would handle being in a shelter with tons of other people and animals. They can't stay in carriers all the time. What happens when you let them out to eliminate? As a matter of fact, where WOULD they go to the bathroom? What would they eat? Would the owners bring food with them? What about just the space that takes up? I would have a hard time justifying bringing four cat carriers, food, litter, etc., in a situation where human beings are being left behind.

In a situation like that, it's not just about YOUR needs, or even your pets' needs. It's about what will get the most people out the most quickly and into a situation (shelter, etc.) that is maintainable.