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New to community and New cat:)

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hi I'm new obviously to the board...my husband and I just two days ago just got a cat and things are going well so far...She is two years old front declawed and spayed...she is tan and black striped and a great cat.
My only concern is that she is sleeping alot under the couch and bed..she comes out occasionally and has only used her litter box and ate once in the two days she has been there...I was wondering if that was normal..before I have always had kittens and they adjusted quickly..I was wondering if this is new for older cats...
Well thank you and I look forward to talking to others about our kittys
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Welcome to TCS. Your kitty is probably just scared, we went thru that with both of ours when we got them. It took a few days for them to sort of "adjust" to their new environment. Its too bad she is declawed. I hope she doesn't end up with behavioural issues because of it. Whoever did it to her must not have been very informed at how awful a procedure it is. You'll find most everyone here is against declawing, because of the pain and undue torture it is to the kitty. But I wont' elaborate here, this is the place to WELCOME YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good luck with her,and hope to see you posting often!!
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Welcome to you and your kitty...how about a pic or two when she surfaces??????
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In a few days she will be just like a member of the family. Right now she is scared & as an older cat, she probably doesn't deal well with change. Take some time to sit in the room she is hiding & just sit on the floor speaking softly to her. Next thing you know, she'll come out and want to snuggle!
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Things are getting better she is getting out more and moving around but still as soon as the door open she runs away again and is still.
But thank you very much for your comments. I have some other questions and will poste those soon.
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If I were you, I would sit on the floor and talk to her in a soothing voice...even though she may not come out from the bed, she'll get used to hearing your voice. You may also want to put an article of clothing of both you and your husband with her so she could get used to your scent.

I am hoping she was declawed prior to your adoption. If not, I'm sorry to hear that you had that done. It's a very traumatic experience for the cat and extremely painful as well. It would be like cutting your own finger to the first knuckle. Most veternarians do not perform this procedure, but it's not my place to make judgement on anyone. If you did this without knowing, then I would feel very upset with the vet. Just my two cents.
Take care and good luck with your baby.

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Hi! This is way late...but I wanted to welcome you here!
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