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Update on Diddo...

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Well, tomorrow is the day, and I am more nervous than I thought possible. Little Diddo goes in to be spayed tomorrow, and I am taking tranquilizers already.

I have a wonderful vet, I know Diddo is healthy, but I still worry. Thanks for letter me rant
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Good strong vibes for Diddo and family! Let us know how she does!
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Sending many well wishes for you and Diddo that everything goes smoothly. Speedy recovery vibes coming, too!
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Sending good vibes to you and Diddo!
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Good vibes from me too! I know it's never easy dropping off your cat at the vet for surgery. I'm sure everything'll be OK.
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Lots of good vibes being send for you guys, but it'll all work out fine. You'll see!
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We've all been there and know just how this worry feels. Diddo, you're going to sail right through this procedure in the hands of your skilled Dr.! You'll be home snuggled up with your Mommy before you know it! We'll be right here with you all day tomorrow!
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Well, we got there ok today. We had her play rose and light ball with her, but she cried all the way to the vets. I am exhausted. I know she will be ok because I really trust that vet, but Diddo is my baby, I know I sound silly. I should be able to pick her up after 3:00 pm, and I am taking her into my room with her own litter box, food and water dishes for a few days until she is up and running. I just don't want the other cats licking her wound.
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Oh , believe me, I think we all understand. I'm glad everything so far went ok. Your baby will be back with you before you know it!
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Diddo is home!!!! Diddo is home!!!!! Oh God, is Diddo home. The room idea went right out the window. As soon as I put her in there she started screaming, she wanted out. I let her out of the carrier after 20 minutes or so, and she sat at the door screaming. It was either let her out inito the house, or throw her outside, so I let her out into the house.

Princess Alexis spit and growled at her. Daddy Pete growled at her, he didn't recognize her. She is wearing a body stocking and of course, she smells funny. Maybe this will stop the sucking on Pete's fur, but oh God, the house is in a turmoil. I didn't realize a kitten this small has such HUGE lungs.

Now she is walking around wondering what the hell happened.
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KK, glad things seemed to go as planned. The other cats will recover from the difference too, in short time.

Now... a body stocking? What the he**? Is this normal? Ours goes in for the same in 6 weeks. I am sure I will worry just as much too.
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A body stocking is like an Ace bandage. They put the cat in it, and cut holse for front and back feet. Then they tape the bandage around the neck, just tight enough so that she can not claw it off. That protects the incision and keeps her and other cats from licking it and/or pulling the stitches out. Its elastic, so it moves with the cat.
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Oh my goodness...I somehow missed your thread. I am so glad that Diddo is home & doing ok. I will send calming & healing vibes to your sweet Diddo, who seems to be taking over you household.
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