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Daily Thread- Tuesday Sept. 13

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With Prowler on my lap and Mateuse draped across my neck, I sit here drinking coffee and dreading a dental visit this morning.

It is definitely colder now. I see walnuts on the ground, early in the backyard and so when I get home if I am not plowed under, I will be raking up the walnuts and tossing them into the burn pile.

Been cleaning up everything on the property, getting ready for winter, which I believe is going to be a bad one this year. One thing not to look forward to- is the rise in heating costs.

Mike is sacked out on the couch with kittens all over him and my day will be full of writing articles, proofing KittyBytes and taking care of hubby and animals. The kittens are now 4 months old and Vader turns 5 months old today. Matuese dropped unexpectedly making a liar out of the vet and going from a female to a male- lol At least the name is unisex- Explains why he and Oliver are always tumbling about the floor-
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You can tell that Fall is here too in NW Ontario. The trees everywhere are shedding their leaves...I must say I really miss my old home right now..the trees here don't turn all those pretty colours..they just go yellowy/brown and fall off

Right now I'm just sipping my morning tea and waiting for Jeff to get out of bed. Reilly is sitting in the chair behind me washing himself..(he woke me up again!...little stinker). Now he's purrrfectly content that I'm awake.

I'm going to try and look into some flights today to see if there is a possibility that I might be able to get home to see my family..I have some downtime at work while my airplane is in the shop for a new engine. Anyways, I hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday!!
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I'm sitting here at my desk on here, which I shouldn't be doing and contemplating my upcoming gyno visit at 3 today. Work is so extremely boring lately. Absolutley nothing to do, and it sure makes for a LONG day.

MA, that's funny about Matuese.
Good luck on your dental'll be ok!
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I'm at work...not working. But then again, neither is my supervisor. Heck, we wasted about an hour already chatting about our kitties, Halloween, Christmas, and other stuff. LOL Neither of us has any motivation, and I'm in the same boat as you Susie. Nothing really to do, which makes for a very long day! I have plenty to do at home...I have to design a logo for Earl's new DJing gig, I need to update a couple websites, I need to do research for SPA...oh yeah, and housework too.

It's SO nice outside right now! We're only supposed to get up to 70* today, with lows tonight in the 40s. AHHH! Great sleeping weather! But it's supposed to warm back up to the mid to upper 80s by the weekend. I'm done with summer, I want it to be fall already!

Good luck to those with dreaded appointments today!
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Thanks Heidi.............I can't wait till it's over. I'm curious if the gyno is going to steer me towards a hysterectomy, which I feel is what I need.

Tracy, I see you want to fly home for a visit. Where is home?
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So Matuese is a boy? I needed a good laugh this morning MA. Thanks
Originally Posted by hissy
Matuese dropped unexpectedly making a liar out of the vet and going from a female to a male- lol At least the name is unisex- Explains why he and Oliver are always tumbling about the floor-
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Well, I am home and feeling totally unmotivated. To do anything.

I blame PMS. Or the weather change that's coming. Or aliens.
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Originally Posted by gemlady
Well, I am home and feeling totally unmotivated. To do anything.

I blame PMS. Or the weather change that's coming. Or aliens.
Wanna ride along to the gyno's with me Janny??? If that doesn't motivate a person, nothing will!
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Early morning coffee along with my early morning TCS check. I'll be headed out to the salt mine in a few minutes. It's a lovely fall day, smokey air notwithstanding -- there's a major fire in a peat bog just south of the city -- been burning since Sunday.

Good luck with all your nasty appointments, friends. That's a hoot about Mateuse, MA!
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I've had nothing but people whining on about anything and nothing at work here!, i swear they just love to hear the sound of their own voice at times! right down to moody delivery drivers

I'm off home in 15 minutes so i can't wait to see Rosie and Sophie!
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I've actually had quite a busy working day today, which makes a change! Of course it has to be on a day when I'm tired due to Max and Alfie playing chase across my bed half the night

Home time in under half an hour
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Originally Posted by rapunzel47
Early morning coffee along with my early morning TCS check. I'll be headed out to the salt mine in a few minutes. It's a lovely fall day, smokey air notwithstanding -- there's a major fire in a peat bog just south of the city -- been burning since Sunday.
Our fellow out west was telling me about that fire yesterday. He said they were dropping water bombs on it but that it wasn't doing much good and that those peat bogs can burn for years literally.

MA - I did my 6 month dentist thing last night (yes, we get our dental appointments in the evening so we don't take time off work and aren't we nice - LOL). My problem is that I'm sometimes so relaxed I drift off to sleep and they have to remind me to open my mouth. Guess I've been fortunate to have had positive dental experiences.

We are getting unusually warm weather for this time of year and I'm pooped by the time I get home - hate the heat. At least lately it's just heat and not humidity also. It's supposed to be 32 degrees today and 30 tomorrow - that's too hot!
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My day's been pretty good! After eventually getting a tank of petrol this morning things have been great!

My physiotherapist is pleased with my progress, so i'm only going once a fotnight now! I just have to make sure I don't fall, trip, hit my knee, run into anything....

Sadly though, the weather has been lovely for most of the day and as it draws near 'walkies' time, the dark clouds are looming

Now I just have to plan tomorrow and make sure that I get my work sent off to the gallery on time!

Sending calming good }}}VIBES{{{ to all that need them for appointments! I hope they go well!
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It's so nice to see a daily thread again. It's a beautiful morning so far, but it might get all icky and rainy later on today. So far the trees here are mostly green with just a tiny bit of fall color, and I love the way Maples look in the fall.
Not looking forward to winter though!
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I worked the night shift last night and am really enjoying my new case. I stocked up on Sierra and Serenity's food yesterday and on the way home went by Walmart to pick up a few necessities, and they were completely out of water! They said they got an entire shipment in yesterday and it had all been purchased already! This was in a town one hour inland from where I live here on the beach, wow. I did find plenty of water at a store on the way home, also filling up the gas tank.
My girls were so lovable upon my arrival home, both scampering out of the bedroom as I opened the door! Sierra and I had our snuggle time, both ate their breakfast and Serenity has been a ball of energy! Both are napping peacefully as I type this, Sierra is having her after lunch rest, and Serenity ran around in a frenzy until she zonked out right where she stood!
I decided to just stay up today and probably aim for an early bedtime. Just finished up a couple of loads of laundry, watching the noon news now awaiting the latest news on the hurricane enjoying my time right here on the board!
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Send some of that cool weather my way. It's burnin up here in florida
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Though Dixie seems to think it's too hot, I think the day has been beautiful here in Florida. In Orlando there's a slight breeze and I always love the feel of the sun on my face. I'm not looking forward to the cooler months.

This morning was yet another early morning for me, making it impossible for me to catch up after celebrating all night for Brendan's birthday on Saturday night. I went to my Interviewing and Counseling class and took the first test of the semester and then headed back home. So far I've gotten a few things done here, but I think it's nearly time I take a cue from Waffle and catch an afternoon nap. I have Physiological Psych tonight from 6-8:50 (and we never get out early) so I'll need my rest in order to pay attention in that BORING and drawn out class.

Off for my nap with princess Waffle!
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Say MaryAnne if you are going to rake up the walnuts perhaps you might donate them to a local food bank. I don't know for sure but I should think they might be glad to get them...Just a thought.
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Lets's Tuesday? Only got an hour's worth of sleep since 4 yesterday morning....not sure what day it is, lol! We fed 40 people breakfast then had three different lunches totalling 75 people......glad to be here relaxing!!
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I have just finally forced myself to sit down and breathe. From 8 a.m. till just about 10 minutes or so ago, I have been cleaning house. I know the boys will be here this week, and it's going to get messed up again, but for the moment, everything smells clean and I feel a great sense of accomplishment.

Joe left for work this morning, he won't return until late Sunday night. The boys and I will be busy with football practices and games, as well as school.

The weather here is warmer than it should be, 92 right now. It's been like this the past few days, but they are forecasting cooler temperatures and some possible rain. I anticipate the cooler temps, this just doesn't feel like September!

I'm still feeling the effects of weaning myself off the Effexor, but managing with good days and bad.

Time to find some lunch. I'm starving and was too busy to eat breakfast. Braeden is begging for a hot dog, too. Everyone have a good week!
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I started taking Penicillin yesterday for a root canal I have to have done in 2 weeks and it has been making me feel kind of . I also had to go to the dentist for a filling this morning and she had to give me 2 extra shots of Novacaine because I could still her drilling! I expect my mouth to be numb until some time next week! Sounds like the dentists are making lots of money off of TCS members right now.

I went to Lowes to buy new towel bars, toilet paper holders, etc for the bathroom we are repainting and then to Wal-Mart. It is 90 in the shade here and HUMID! I swear the heat brings out the worst in people. I never enjoy going to WalMart and today was REALLY bad.

I want the gorgeous 70 degree fall weather back. We had it for a week and it was snatched away. What a cruel joke!

I have to figure out what is for dinner soon.
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Well it's nearly 8am Wednesday morning here, and I'm relaxing on the computer in my PJ's, listening to Avril Lavigne and uploading some photos onto photobucket.

I got up just after 6am and finished my homework and had something to eat. I'm going to have a shower soon and get ready for college.

I hope that everybody has a nice day!
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I am on the same time zone as Sam - its Wednesday here, 8:36am, I got up a bit early this morning, dealt with my little rascal - I have taken to calling him Possum because he has this little habit of playing dead when he doesnt want to do something. But our bonding is going soooo great, we snuggle in my bed together in the evenings and watch tv, I think he just wants the cuddles.
Strange thing - I woke up with a sore throat, I could feel it coming yesterday and now its a full on sore throat today and Jake paged me today and told me he had a sore throat - are we psychically linked somehow?
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awww!! glad you and Gabe are bonding well

how are Jake and the kitts? apart from having a sore throat!

BTW Kellye, who are you voting for? my mum is fed up with my ongoing support for National!
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Sam - Jake and the bratty cats are doing great - still as bratty as ever!

Oh don't tell me about the election - I did not enrol fast enough - the deadline was the day I arrived home. Oh well. I just can't wait til its over so that I don't have to look at anyone's ugly faces!
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