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Concerning the new arrival (per Hissy)

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this post is per Hissy, she can't get on the computer and is dictating this to me over the phone.

Willow will not eat. She is skin and bones and locks her jaws when offered food. You can not get them open. She has no ulcers or anything else in her mouth. When she figures out it's food, she only eats a half a teaspoon and that isn't enough to keep her alive. I can't get her to eat. I've tried everything, sardines, different flavors of baby food, raw meat. She won't accept anything. I've tried bottle feeding her and she locks down on it with her tooth and won't take it.

any suggestions?
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OMG - this is not good news. The poor little thing must be so scared, she cannot allow herself to be helped by MaryAnne. I have no suggestions, just sympathy for what she is going through with Willow.
I know it is Sunday and all - but how about a call to the Vet????
It is the only thing I can think of for her.......
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No advice from me, but all the prayers in the world!!!!!!! Poor little baby, and Poor Hissy. How sad.
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Poor kitty!
Definately not good! That kitty needs to see a doctor.
Good luck, and hope Willow recovers soon.
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She ate for me tonight, not a lot, but with more interest than she has shown before. I also got some water into her and she hissed at me and tried to attack me! A very good sign indeed! Thank you for the prayers and please keep them up, they are helping!
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Yeah...hissing and attacking!!! That IS a great sign!
I will be thinking of Willow today......
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She needs about $200.00 in vet bills and I flat don't have it. I have given her to a lady who rescues as well, and she will be able to follow through with her much-needed care. I wish my pockets were as deep as my heart, but I have to be practical, they are not. All the kitties went to this place, they will be well cared for there!
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I know what you mean regarding a heart running deeper than your pockets. I'd love to take in every cat that needs a home, but unfortuantely I can't afford too Since you know the lady the babies went to live with pretty well, could you keep us updated on how little Willow is doing still?
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Sounds to me like you did make the right decision! Good job!

Don't ya just wish we would all win the lottery and get it over with?

Then all the kitties could be OURS!!!!!!!!
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She had AIDS so the vet put her to sleep. He said she was pretty far gone which was why she wasn't so willing to eat. Poor sweet girl, may your journey be filled with peace and may lots of companions meet you on the other side.
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I'm so sorry to hear about Willow
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Hissy - I am truly sorry that Willow is gone.
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Oh MA, so sorry to hear about Willow Thats truly heartbreaking. How are her siblings? Do they have the disease as well?
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I am so sorry Hissy, you are such a good person for trying to help her and all the other ferals. What a shame -- but she's okay now - she's up with all the others.....
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Yes the others are gone as well. But since I did not have much interaction with them like I did with Willow, it didn't impact me as hard. The vet said 21% of all ferals are usually carrying either AIDS or FLV. But as that was relayed to me through another party, don't know if that is correct.
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I never thought to ask about the others - I am so very sorry about the whole thing. Their little life was full of hardships ~ but after they met you, these ones sure did know what a loving hand was.
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Oh I am so sad. At least you guys all tried your best for those kitties, and hopefully they felt how loved they were. Also, think about the fact that because of your efforts, they will nt be out there breeding and making more homeless kitties, and spreading the disease they had. I know that is not much comfort, but I am sure they are in a safe, comfortable place now and receiving much love.
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