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Buggy nose...

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For about 1 week my 6 mo cat was sneezing regulary and his nose would have dried buggers hang out. But, his nose was NOT runny or dripping with mucus at all as is the case with URI. I dont think its URI as I know its highly contagious and my other cat doesnt have any symptoms. For about 5-6 days I tried natural rememdies like Transfer factor, colostrum and bee propolis and his sneezing has stopped, but his nose still gets dirty. His body temp is 101.3. So no fever. He eats and acts normal. He has had all his 4 in 1 shots, is not in contact with other cats, and does not go outside.

Someone told me its because he is teething? Could that be it? The only other thing I suppose could be causing his nose to make extra mucus is the fact my father is cutting and sanding wood inside our house and so there is some sawdust in the air. But the other cat isnt showing same thing, so I sorta doubt it. Just wondering is anyone has had similar experience.
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I would take him to the vet to be sure.
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He could still have a mild flare up of URI caused by the herpes virus. Check his eyes right after he wakes up from a long sleep, before he has a chance to clean them. If he has crusts in the corner, he may very well have a mild case of URI. Flare ups are brought on by stress. Maybe the sawing/sanding is bothering him enough to cause a little flare up.
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Instead of treating him yourself, at least take him one time to a vet and have him looked at. It could be something that can't be touched by natural means and may need conventional meds.
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One of my cats, Wiggies, always has lots of boogers and crusty eyes. I've asked 2 different vets about him, but they think it's nothing to worry about as he doen't have an infection. It's just something he does! My theory is that he's just a snotty wee brat! I do wonder if he's allergic to something - you know, like a human can develop an allergy like hayfever all of a sudden. What about cats? Maybe Wiggies is just naturally allergic to something (probably his humans) and the mucous is a symptom. Maybe your cat is having an allergic reaction, say to the sawdust like you suggested.
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good news, if anyone cares to to hear it I took him to vet and he basicaly thought nothing of the dirty nose, but did give me terramycin (sp) for his eyes cause they also were runny with white sticky stuff at inside corners. and boy he is growing fast, he looks slim when you look at him that I worried he was underweight, but he was 6.8lbs, and at 6 months I was told thats a good weight.
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Glad to hear you got him to the vet. I hope the terramycin takes care of the problems. If not, be aware the cats can have allergies, too.

Red Cat had what appeared to be minor seasonal allergies in previous years, but this year his sneezing, runny eyes and runny (and dirty) nose were really bad, so I called the vet's office. The vet prescribed an antihistamine. That really makes a difference. Though the vet suggested giving it to him twice a day, doing it just once a day seems to do the job. And it is hard enough to give a 15-pound cat with an attitude a pill once a day, let alone twice!
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