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Little Moon...

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This is the first I have been able to bring myself to write about this but I think this little unknown kitty deserves some thoughts and prayers.

On the weekend we had our final show for the production that I have been working on, and so afterwards was our cast party. Because it didn't start until 1am we didn't leave to go home until about 5.30am. Max and I were in one car and our friend Andrea was driving another car with her boyfriend. They were following us as they live nearby and we go the same way.

Anyway, I missed a turn-off and went the wrong way, and Andrea took the correct turn-off. As we turned around to go back the right way and had driven for a bit we noticed Andrea's car pulled over with the lights flashing. We slowed but they were not in the car. Puzzled, we pulled over, and went back to see Andrea walking towards us crying her eyes out. `We hit a cat', she said, `And it's dead'. I looked past her and saw her boyfriend standing by the side of the road with a kitty in his arms and we went over.

I have seen cats and other animals that have been hit by cars whilst I have been driving, but this was the first time I have ever been close to a kitty that has been hit. Luckily the poor sweet thing was killed instantly - there was no blood, and she looked undamaged except for her twisted back legs which showed that her back had been broken. She had no collar or tag but was obviously loved as she was in beautiful condition. I would guess that she was only about a year old, if that.

But what got to me more than anything was the the little baby's eyes were open, and starting blankly into the night. I scritched her ears and stroked her face and afterwards we decided that the best thing to do would be to leave her out the front of the house where we thought she had come from, as we didn't want to take her and leave her owners forever wondering what had become of her. We lay her down and said a little prayer, and then left.

For the rest of the day I was a hysterical mess and I couldn't stop picturing those beautiful eyes looking lovingly at her family, and that sweet little girl prancing around. She was a milky white kitty with grey tabby markings on her head, ears, back and tail. She was so luminescent in the night that I have named her `Moon'. She was such a pretty delicate thing and I still am feeling heartbroken. She ran straight out in front of my friend's car and there was absolutely nothing she could do - we had not been drinking or doing anything wrong, she was not driving fast.

Please say a prayer and spare some thoughts for little Moon, who's time ended too soon, and please spare some wishes that people put collars and tags on their cats, or, preferably, not let them out at all.

RIP Moon
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Oh Sarah, i fully agree with what you say about keeping cats indoors for this simple reason

Bless her little heart, at least she didn't suffer which is a blessing i suppose.

She sounded a beautiful little girl from your description and you gave her a lovely name.

RIP Moon and enjoy your new home over the bridge to run as free as you want.
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Sarah, bless you and your friends for treating this beautiful cat with such dignity and compassion. RIP sweet Moon.
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RIP at the Bridge sweet Moon .
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Sorry for your loss of Little Moon
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I'm sorry that you and your friend went through this terrible experience. Rest in peace, Moon.
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Sorry you had this experience. I don't have any patience with folks who let their animals run loose. My cats are outside, but we have a cat-fence-in system on the fence that keeps our cats inside the fence and other animals on the outside.
God bless you all for caring for this poor little kitty.
You sweet little kitty, rest in peace and know that you were loved, even by strangers.
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Thank you for caring so much for that little kitty! My heart goes out to your friend and you who have so much compassion. Godspeed, little Moon - I pray that your family has laid your remains to rest, and that you are thoroughly enjoying a wonderful reward on the other side of Rainbow Bridge!
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Goodbye, Moon. May your family find peace in this tragic loss. Condolences to you and your friends, KitEKats4Eva!
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