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My new signature!!!

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I just had to post to thank Eva of R&D Designs for my new siggie! Isn't it wonderful!!

I so wish I could do things like this!
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It's brilliant!
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It's great! I love being able to see Max and Alfie in your posts now!
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I love it. I makes your Kitties look Great
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I love it!!!
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Another great job by Eva! It really shows the beauty of your cats.
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Thank you!

I am so glad you like it, and I think it looks great online.

Enjoy your lovely new signature and its lovely to see your two beautiful cats in your signature!

Take care

x Eva x
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Oh its so wonderful, I LOVE IT!!
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It's beautiful!!
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I LOVE it..... The best I have seen (omi)
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It is really beautiful. Your cats are gorgeous.
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very nice!
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Soo cute and wonderful!!!
Is a great Design!! .....
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Your signature is beautiful.
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That looks so nice!!
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Very nice!

Eva seems to be going through a "soft focus period," you know, like Picasso's "blue period" ?
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It's lovely.
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