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Still trying to figure him out.

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Beau was a feral trapped back in April, and I took him in as a foster. I've posted various questions about him before: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=51865

I don't know if this is so much a question as an observation. He's come such a long way from a scared, hiding boy, to the confident kitty who has earned his way into the main part of the house. He's thrilled when I come home, rubs my legs forever, rolls over on my feet to show me his belly, and "makes out" embarassingly with any pair of shoes I happen to take off. He follows me from room to room, and meows for me when he can't see me. Sound great? It is! What I find puzzling, though, is that with all that, he still does not want to be pet. I don't, because I know he doesn't like it, but how will I know when/if he is ready? He has given every signal I've heard of, but when I've attempted it (thinking he was ready), he swats the air in the general direction of my hand, and takes a couple of steps back. At this point, I think he'd have to be jumping up and down with a painted sign that says, "PET ME! PET ME!" for me to think he's actually ready.

A second question is regarding his relationship (or lack thereof) with my 19+ year old cat, Abbie. Beau clearly adores her, and is constantly trying to get in her good graces, but she'll have none of it, growling and hissing at him. She's alway been a bit of a b***h , so this didn't surprise me. Lately, though, I don't know if he's frustrated with her, or is jealous that she gets pet, but he is starting to take swats at her (not yet with claws), and sometimes jumps out at her. She's pretty frail (due to health problems is only about 5lbs), moves pretty slowly, and is deaf. She tries to hold her own, but I can tell she's starting to get a bit nervous, and so am I. Beau always got along great with all the other fosters I've had. Any suggestions?
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He sounds like a total love. Maybe try picking him up in a pillowcase or wrapped in a towel, then hold him on your lap and pet him. I have a lovely foster who likes an occasional chin scritch, but won't sit on my lap. While I'm trying to teach her to enjoy it, she basically needs a home to love her as is!

So does your boy. Somewhere, there is a person who would love such a boy! He sounds a lot like my avatar boy Will-who gives me a foot massage by rolling on my feet! (Although Will loves to be pet, too, sometimes it seems like he would rather pet me!)

Maybe it is time to pass him on to another family through adoption, for his sake and Abbie's.
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Thanks for answering Becky. Since Beau is full grown, and about 10-11lbs, I don't think picking him up would be a safe option . He was trapped as an adult, so socializing him has been a slow, but rewarding process, but different than what I've done with kittens.

I hope you're right about someone wanting him. It's so hard to place adults, though...many don't realize how much easier it is. Although kittens are cute, they are a pain in the butt! Beau is such a good boy, and doesn't scratch the furniture, and rarely knocks things over. Personally I think he's so afraid of screwing up, and that I would put him back outside (as if!). I don't think he's aware that he's a good boy. I have him posted on petfinder, and I'm going to have him on PAWS website just as soon as they fix a computer glitch they're having. He and Abbie are not a good match, and you're right about them needing to be separated. He deserves a home with a kitty who can appreciate his charms!
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