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This stray wont leave my door step...literally

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I have a 11 week old kitten that was a stray. I recently started seeing an older cat that looks just like her, im not sure if its her mom or not but i tried getting friendly with the cat. Nothing worked. I randomly see the cat in my back-yard(which is basically woods) but she never got close to my house. I walked out side today only to find her laying by the porch stairs. As i expected she bolted. I started talking softly and i knelt down to her level. Finally she came to me and let me pet her. Upon closer inspection i could tell that she was all skin and bones. And she has some kind of infection in her toes (looks like the nail was ripped off) I ran up stairs to get a can of cat food and she hungrily ate it up. I love cats and would have loved to keep her but it took me about a month to convince my mom to let me keep the one i had. I thought i could feed her and that would be all. Now shes laying on my porch right next to the door. She's normaly not a people person from what i can tell so that kinda freaked me out. Whenever i go outside she followes me which almost got her hit by a car( i felt aweful after that) Anyways I dont know what to do. I know i cant keep her and i dont want to leave her out there!!! I might try to pawn her off on a friend but im not too sure how well that will work. I think she might have other kittens in the area, i dont want her to leave them. Any advice on what i should do? or should i just leave this one alone
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I 'm really glad you're feeding her, so many people ignore these little ones, we're all they've got. Why don't you call the local Petsmart or Petco and find out about the rescue groups they have listed and see if you can get them to help her? Best of wishes for you and the kitty too.

Also you can check to see if she's nursing kittens now, if she is, wait a bit before picking her up. Then keep putting food out and look for the other cats who are also strays now.

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She sounds like she might be injured. Not to scare you, but ripped claws sometimes mean collisions with cars. Is there anyway you can take this cat to the vet? Or call a local rescue group to come and pick her up?
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I actually mentioned the cat to a friend of mine that lives down the road. She says it sounds like a cat of hers that ran away. I brought her over here to see the cat, the cat saw her standing with me and ran away. i havent seen her since she ran which was about two days ago. im starting to worry. I was thinking maybe she didnt like her home which is why she ran away but my friend is a great person so I dont know why the cat acted that way
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