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Swollen Belly?

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There is someone I talked to and her kitten which is 3-4 months old has a swollen belly.

Her belly has gotten very swollen. Her siblings are fine, no swollen belly - and she doesn't seem to feel sick. She runs around and plays like the rest.

Any ideas on what it could be?
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Pregnancy? She may have had her first heat already. It could also be a heavy carb diet (dry food) that is left out all day.
I would take her to the vet if you're certain its neither of these. Especially if she reacts when you touch the swollen area.
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I would take kitty to the vet for sure!, It could be alot of things...one thing it could be is worms?
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The kitten needs a vet assessment asap..hopefully it is something like worms or a parasite that can be treated, but at the absolute worst, it could be the wet form of fip (and I do mean worst case scenario, not that I expect this it it.)
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I've sent her the link to this topic.
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According to my vet, kittens sometimes do develop a lot of fluid in the abdominal cavity, which may be benign or a symptom of FIP. The kitty in question should see a vet, which can take X-Rays or do an exam.

Also, if she likes to eat, it may just be a full belly! Our little one had that on Sunday!

I wish your friend luck on this one...you've done well to send her the thread.
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My kitten had a large fleshy lump on her belly. It is an umbilical hernia. The vet said it was very common and can be surgically taken care of when I get my kitten fixed. I just have to keep an eye on it so it doesn't get hard or purple. Hope this helps!
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Could be worms. She should take her in to the vet. There are a lot of kittens born with worms, and it just takes a simple medication, and her belly will go down again.
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Your wise choice is definitely to get her into the Vet for an assessment.
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