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2 Bad Bad Bad days

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Well this is just a moaning post - I had two bad bad bad - infact horrid days at the office yesterday and today. If things can go wrong they certainly did....won't get into specifics because of a few things:
1) it would probably bore you all to tears
2) it will take loads of time

I just hope tomorrow is a better day and I hope everyone else had a good day today
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I do hope tomorrow is better for you....and I do know what you mean about some days being just rotten. One that comes to mind that happened recently for me, started off waking up to the whole house smelling like pee because Merlin was mad that I wouldn't get up at 2 in the morning and let him outside when he was yoweling at me, so he peed in all my potted plants, instead of his litterpan.
The day just got worse from there.
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Amanda well you will cheer up when you get the cat book. You should have it or it should be there any day now!!!!

Work can be terrible sometimes, and it is hard not to bring it home with me. I hope you are feeling better for work tomorrow.
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That's one thing I did enjoy about being self-employed;on those days I could cuss the boss out to my heart's content without fear of reprisal. Of course I did have to spend 24/7 with him.
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Thanks for all your words..today really has not been much better maybe this week is supposed to be a bad week.....the reason why today was bad was basically my boss made me feel really...erm...guilty about the mag I work on - my taget to reach this month was US$8,000 and then we lost a girl and he increased my target to US$25,000 on Saturday. The deadline for the mag was today and I managed to get only US$19,000 and he was basically saying this issue is a disaster and I am sooooo dissapointed there is only 19,000 booked. As I was the only person working on it I feel soooo responsible and like I have let the mag down but there is only so much one can do in 4 days! Fingers crossed next week will be better.

I am sooooo excited about getting the book - thanks for that news it put a on my face
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Your month taget was 8000,you came in with 19000 and you feel guilty?
I'd say you did something amazing there. I'd also say you deserve a bonus not a reprimand. Sounds to me like your "boss" is totally incompetent and is trying to use you to cover that up.

Hold your head up girl,you have nothing to feel bad about. Don't let the incompetent twit get to you.

BTW..I think your boss is the South end of a Northbound horse.
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Oh Kittyfoot you are such a doll that is a nice thing to say, I dunno my boss is a nice guy normally but just the way how he was saying things seemed really nasty and I dunno made me feel as it=f I had.....erm...not done my job. I left work on time today - unlike me. But it seems that I am being spread sooooo thin at the moment I am under so much pressure. My taget for March is US$100,000 and I am 110% sure I will reach my target but the other girl has a target of US%50,000 and I know she will not get hers and I have to make up her short fall and since sept 11 even though we are on the other side of the world we have really felt it here! I just did not expect him to be so mean and I would have thought he would have cut me a bit of slack Bosses...grrrrr anyways, thanks for making me smile
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