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Umm, cable TV, alcohol, indoor cats, a MAN.
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Originally Posted by Loveysmummy
I love reading everyone's answers! They are hilarious !!
Krazy kat, can't believe that about the dish soap!!

For me, it was pop (or soda for you US'ers ). It was only for liquor mix at parties in my house

Or sitting on my butt instead of cleaning first thing on the weekends (as others have mentioned).

And eating cereal or chips for dinner once in awhile...
Hey now. It's pop to me, and it always will be. A soda is an ice cream drink. :P

What do I have now that I didn't then? A (relatively) clean, peaceful home and tasty from-scratch real food. Oh, and really nice sheets, though I didn't know I needed those till I had them as an adult.
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Originally Posted by rapunzel47
Actually, I can't think of anything that was denied me in a way that I felt compelled to have it.

Originally Posted by Hydroaxe
Those were the words I was looking for! Life was basically the same for us.
Same Here
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Believe it or! My mom was notoriously always on a "diet" (believe me, even now she is always on one or watching what she eats and she doesn't need to, she looks fab)...and it was just her and me. Anyway, I was a track and long-distance runner in high school and was always STARVING. It would never be beyond me to eat an entire Domino's pizza, but that was just it...if I needed food, I would have to order. Then, if we didn't have enough money, I would just starve . Plus Mom NEVER EVER cooked! And then she would be like, "Oh, I'm going to the supermarket, do you want anything?" I'd say, without fail, "FOOD!" Since I wasn't *specific enough* it would be diet iced tea and pretzels.

Yeah, you could say, I have had a problem with food...I never knew when my next meal would be . So now, I shop at gourmet supermarkets (Wegmans, Whole Foods, etc) and always have fresh veggies, meats, organic snacks...and i make it a point to go once per week.

Now it's funny b/c Mom always hated cooking...I do too! But i do it out of necessity
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For me it's a bathroom for myself! I grew up in a house of 8 (my parents and 6 kids) and I always begged for a second toilet. I'm house hunting, and even though it's just me I won't look at anything under 1-1/2 bathrooms. The other thing is the Extra Innings baseball package on cable. Even though it wasn't available when I was a kid, it would be the type of thing that would be too expensive and we only had one TV. I had to fight to watch baseball (and this was during a period when the Red Sox were on successive hard to get in radio stations).
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Actually growing up I pretty much could do what I wanted. But I had to keep covered up, no bikinis, nothing low cut or short. Of course, now I have no desire to wear any of that cause I'm too out of shape.
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I SWORE I'd have a house far away from most of my family-------and I do LoL!!!!!!!!
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I've really had to think about this one. My first reaction is I swore I would never argue about money like my parents did. Paydays were never good at my house. My parents would NEVER spend money on extras, even when we had the money. To this day, they still don't ever splurge. I know how much money they have in the bank, and I wish they would live a little before they died, but I can tell it's never going to happen. With my credit card bill as proof, I am now the opposite of them.

I asked my brother this question this morning. The answer was so simple, I can't believe it didn't come to me right away.

I swore that all of my meals would not come out of a can or box!!! My mother was NOT a cook cook and if it didn't come out of a can or box, we didn't eat it. My brother and I both have become fairly decent cooks.
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My Mom was the opposite, she always cooked from scratch with the exception of cakes, she never mastered that. The other thing that just occured to me is eating away from the table. We always had dinner at the table as a family which was nice but it's also nice to eat in front of the tv.

That being said, I have been known to have a candy bar and a soda for dinner. Not good for me at all, but so yummy.
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I can't think of many material things, although I'm sure there are some. The one thing I always swore was that I wouldn't be so strict with my children that they resent me. My mother was very strict. I've managed to discipline without the extreme environment that I felt I had as a child. As a result, I have children who trust me, respect me, and totally stay out of trouble.
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Originally Posted by emb_78
Originally Posted by Miss Mew
For me it would have to be.... bold colours!!, my mom loves pastels..the first thing I did when I got my own place was paint the walls reddish type colours also I planted lily of the valley in the backyard. My mom never let me do it because she said they creep all over the yard
for me, it's both of these. not necessarily bold colors, but cool ones. my mom favors warm colors for decorating - beige, yellow, brown... i like cool ones. my house has light blue & dark blue walls, & gray floors.
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