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What did you SWEAR you would have...?

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I think we all did it. There was something that our parents either always had or never let us have that we SWORE we would have in our house!

For Earl, that something is Oreo Cookies. I guess they did have them in the house, but they were his fathers and "off limits" to the kids.

We both say Pop, because both of our parents never let us have any pop. Well, we had it sometimes, but only on VERY special occassions!

For me, there are actually two things. One is Pringles. "Too expensive" is what my mother used to tell me. The other is good toilet paper. My mother bought the cheapest tp she could find...it was single ply sand paper, I swear! We would go over to someone else's house and they would have Charmin and it was like heaven! So I always have Charmin now.
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New clothes (not second hand) and air conditioning!
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For me, it is a clean house. My mother doesnt throw anything away, much to my fathers chagrin. I absolutely hate clutter and it makes me feel really tense. I think Dad feels the same way also. When I came home, the clutter hit me in the face - NOTHINGS CHANGED!!!!!!!!!!!
SO, what I have been doing is slowly throwing away the clutter, my mother brings home baby clothes "just in case" and she had a whole lot of shoes "just in case" - last week, I put them in a bag and threw them out, with the assistance of my dad. She didnt even notice. So me and dad have been in cohorts.
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For me it would have to be.... bold colours!!, my mom loves pastels..the first thing I did when I got my own place was paint the walls reddish type colours also I planted lily of the valley in the backyard. My mom never let me do it because she said they creep all over the yard
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Hmmm, about the only thing that they ever really put their collective foot down about was when I evidenced an interest in having a motorcycle. Maybe that's why I was allowed the horses , they thought it would take my mind off the other. I really had few wants, except the horses, and once that was taken care of?
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Potato chips! We were never allowed, believe it or not.
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Actually, my mom always hated having pets but somehow I managed to talk her into letting me have a dog, a bird and some gerbils. Cats were out of the question because both my brothers are allergic.
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It took me a long time to think about what it would be. My parents were pretty good at getting us the junk food we wanted. There was one thing my mom really didn't want in the house when I was growing up. It was one of the first things I got when I moved out.


I always asked my mom for a cat. I would beg for a pet better then a fish. She didn't want a cat becasue in the old age home she worked at there were a few cats and they were all over everything, and there was so much fur. She didn't like the fact that cats walked all over everything and the climbing.

So I got Emmett. Emmett goes where ever he wants. He sleeps on the kitchen table and everything.

Then I moved back in with my parents.....
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My parents are super religious, so one of the reasons I moved out was that I was required to go to church with them to live under their roof. And I wasn't allowed to have my boyfriend (of 3 years) over without 'parental supervision'. Even during the summer after my freshman year.

I've also always kept the temperature comfortable. I like it a bit cooler than 'room temperature' (70 degrees F, 20 degrees C, right?). During the winter, I've always kept my window cracked open, and I one of the reasons I moved away from my last place is that my housemate thought that 75 degrees F was too cold. And that was downstairs, not in my room upstairs, which faced the sun all day. I live in a basement now, and it's great.

I also don't have chicken as my protein for weeks on end.
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Cable TV, not that mom was being evil and said we couldn't have it, it was too expensive most of the time. Thats about it for me For BF it's staying up all night and wearing expensive jeans.
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Cats....mom hated them (loves them now LOL she has three)
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Spaghetti-strapped and strapless dresses and tops. My parents are Pentecostal and, when I was a kid, these items were forbidden to me. These days, though, Mom doesn't seem to mind my tanks, tube tops and camis.
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to be able to leave without hearing "where ya going?" My mother is also a junk collector....right after everyone picked up my mom would decide to "go through" everything, but she never threw anything away!!!!

For my older sister, it was having all dishes and pots and pans that matched since we had many kinds of glasses, dishes etc. We had one nice china set used every Thanksgiving.

For Scott and his brother, it's pets!!! They never even had a fish growing up!!! They both love cats more than dogs. Scott also likes to have the freedom of taking off his nice work cloths and wear a comfy t-shirt and shorts.
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At first I thought, "hmm, nothing that I can remember" and then it hit me! My mom always got store-brand food! I swore I'd always get brand-name food, and I have since I moved out. I won't be too happy if my roommate gets anything generic either.
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Hair conditioner. My mom would never get it, saying it was too expensive and we would just pour it down the drain. Most of the time we had to wash our hair with dish detergent.
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This is cool reading everyone's answers. Nice thread Heidi.
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Long hair, cats (plural), more pets than humans, and a TV in every room
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I don't know?! I haven't moved out yet and my Mum is very laidback! I suppose the motto clean as you go rule will go to me to my new home, because my Mum is lazy and I'm a very organised person!
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Actually, I can't think of anything that was denied me in a way that I felt compelled to have it. The thing that I vowed I would never have was a pink bathroom. Mum had a thing for pink, and the bathroom was a teeny tiny little one, and the pink was tooooooooo much for me -- especially as I really don't care for most shades of pink to start with.

So, what do I have in this house? Two -- COUNT 'EM, TWO -- bathrooms in which the FIXTURES are pink! I conducted my rebellion by adding every other colour I could think of and making them a deliberate hodge-podge of colours!
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Originally Posted by rapunzel47
Actually, I can't think of anything that was denied me in a way that I felt compelled to have it.
Those were the words I was looking for! Life was basically the same for us.
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For starters being able to be on time...my mom is always but always late for everything. For our wedding I gave her a different time to everyone else just so she'd be on time since she was walking me down the aisle.

Being able to stay out for the whole night if I want - at 21 I still had a curfew of 10pm.

Oooh and big one this : not having to get up at the crack of dawn on saturdays to "spring clean" the house and yep every single saturday for as long as I lived there...
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Central heating. When I was growing up we just had one heater at the bottom of the stairs and the heat never reached my room, you could actually see your breath in the air it was that cold. I remember sleeping in two pairs of jogging bottoms and two big jumpers and still being cold in winter. A couple of years ago my dad actually bought some little portable heaters, but it was still chilly in winter (he doesn't feel the cold).

Now, I have my own home and I have radiators!! Can't tell you how wonderful it is to get out of bed, see frost on the window, but still be nice and warm! To not mind taking a shower, knowing that you won't shiver! Don't think the novelty will ever wear off
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Originally Posted by JakkieS
Oooh and big one this : not having to get up at the crack of dawn on saturdays to "spring clean" the house and yep every single saturday for as long as I lived there...
Same here. And always during saturday morning cartoons!! How cruel is that?

Another thing: blankets on the couch in the winter. My mom would never let us have them because she said it looked too messy. "What if someone comes in? What will they think??" (my answer was always that "They'd think someone actually LIVES here" )

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Chocolate biscuits!. My mum would just make sure we had boring plain ones unless it was for tea on sundays.

So now, you come to my house and theres a jar full of kitKats, Penguins, Breakaways etc... all covered with chocolate!
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My kitties!
My parents think animals are supposed to be outside (except THIER dog)
and they didnt like rock music. I wasnt forbidden to listen to it, they just didnt prefer it
Besides that there wasnt much I wasnt allowed to have. My parents were pretty laid back, even for my father being a minister.
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I love reading everyone's answers! They are hilarious !!
Krazy kat, can't believe that about the dish soap!!

For me, it was pop (or soda for you US'ers ). It was only for liquor mix at parties in my house

Or sitting on my butt instead of cleaning first thing on the weekends (as others have mentioned).

And eating cereal or chips for dinner once in awhile...
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I've been thinking long and hard about this, and I don't think there's anything that I didn't have growing up that I really want now. I also can't think of anything that there was too much of that I would hate to have now.
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Originally Posted by Arlyn
more pets than humans
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