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pooping randomly

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dear all,
i've had blue, a three year old male, for about 8 months. he has been litter trained for almost 6 months now. A week ago, blue returned home after being boarded for ten days (unfortunately I had to go out of town). he has been using his litter box regularly after coming back home for a week. Three days ago, I had forgotten to clean his litter boxes (i usually clean them everyday b/c he is very picky about having a clean one. he will revenge poop on the carpet if they are full) so he pooped on the carpet. i cleaned the litter box and he has pooped and peed in it once or twice. then he started just randomly pooping in places, once right outside of his litter box, once he got up and there was a piece of poop there on the hallway, and now i just found another accident on the porch, which he has never done before!! Does anyone have any idea why he is doing this and what i can do to stop it? thank you so much. i'm not sure if this is a behavioral or health problem...

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Amy, the first thing you should do is take Blue to the vet. Many times inappropriate elimination is their only way of telling us that something is wrong with them. They can't talk, so they tell us in their own way.

If he gets a clean bill of health, then you can start trying to figure out what the cause of the behavior issue is.
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