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I found that Petco is generally more expensive, but there are some items cheaper at Petco than at Petsmart. I've had some very negative experiences at Petco so I chose not to shop there anyway.
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i find petco to be a mess every time i go there, products are in the isles, crickets are running around. some of the dog beds are packed in so tight that there is no hope of getting one, and you cant reach some things because stuff is piled in front of it.

plus cat leashes and collars are in teh dog section, rabbit harnesses are in the guenia pig section organisation is not the best
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There isn't a PetSmart in the entire county where I live and we have only a handful of small pet stores and 2 Petco's. I do check the prices online though between the two and for the stuff I buy for the kitties aren't too far off. I'd have to drive 2 hours one-way to go to the nearest PetSmart and with the price of gas it's not really worth it at this point.
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