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Does anyone else find Petco's prices MUCH higher than PetSmart? Is it just my area? The closest PetSmart is about a half hour away, but the Petco is right down the street. Whenever I run in for something quick, I am always horrified by the prices!
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I MUCH prefer Petsmart to Petco or Pet Supplies Plus. They all have good things, but they are definitely higher priced IMO.
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I agree. they are higher priced and i find i dont see the same variety either
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I agree with you!!! I think Petsmart is less expensive.
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Petsmart is closer so that's where we go, but last time I went to Petco I did notice the prices were higher but the selections were definitely different. I noticed that Petco carried different brands of food, definitely more selection of condos and cat trees (these were at reasonable prices), and that they had some more specific items that I hadn't seen at Petsmart (i.e. Softpaws, which Petsmart carries now I believe, Sticky-Paws (that 2-sided tape to put on furniture), and Feliway, which Petsmart also carries now but didn't then).
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As far as selection, it DOES seem like PetSmart is Petco's little sister, but they are growing up quick, and offering better prices!
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Petco is a block from us, so we go there.
In this town, the prices are about the same.
Sometimes though, there are things that are needed that have to come from Petsmart.
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever
I MUCH prefer Petsmart to Petco or Pet Supplies Plus. They all have good things, but they are definitely higher priced IMO.
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Just make sure you get Petsmart "Pet Perks" card. Save$
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being a demostrator and going to both ... On some things Petsmart is way cheap[er but Petco has some of the things I use most ...I actually use the feed stores as much as possible since they usually are very reasonable
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I've definitely noticed that too, and of course Petco is two minutes away and Petsmart more like 15. :-P Selection actually seems better at Petsmart with the two stores I go to.
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How much cost a can with 425 gramm catfood. Sorry, I don´t know how much are gramm in I don´t know. Mostly I buy catfood at a discounter and I pay for it 0,29 €. I think, one € is similar 1 $.
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There are not Petco here on Mérida.......
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I will skateboard all the way across town to go to petsmart instead of petco. on principle alone, though the prices at petco are higher. every time i've been into this petco, it's a horror scene with the fish. most are dead, or dying, or diseased so badly i'm not sure how on earth they can sell them. i hate supporting them, and only do in an emergency.
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I have to order online because we don't have either one close, but the litter I get is cheaper at petco.com than at petsmart.com and it's even cheaper if you put it in a bottomless bowl and get it sent to you weekly (or how often you want it sent).
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I've also found Petsmart cheaper, but again the Petco is closer. I usually hit up Petsmart on the way back from my sister's. Petco is 10 minutes down the street from home and work, so it's convenient if I goof and need a Litter Locker liner quickly.
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I think Petsmart is cheaper, but they don't sell Natural Balance cat food. I buy that from Petco and I buy my Natural Choice pouches and cans from Pet Supplies Plus (because I can use my frequent buyer membership there). Pet Supplies Plus just has such an amazing variety of cat foods. The only reason I buy Natural Balance at Petco is because of the P.A.L.S. card- where you get your 11th bag free. I just bought some of the Pet Gold litter from Petco because it's refillable- but it's more expensive than a lot of litters. I just like the reusable container aspect.
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I mostly use Petsmart. Petco is about the same distance. Petsmart is cheaper and has better sales. I also seem to be able to find my way around a bit easier. It seems cleaner then pet co as well. Litter I usually try to find on sale at grocery stores, walmart or target, but I did recently buy some store brand at Petsmart to check out. Haven't used it yet.
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I've noticed that I can usually find a greater selection of natural food and treats at Petco...for instance, we use Halo Pets products here for treats and a supplement for Leo being prone to having itchy, flakey dandruff, and I've never seen those at PetsMart. Although, I prefer to shop at the smaller, independent pet shops around here and for that, I pay a premium, so I hear everyone out there on the higher prices!
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Yes, where I live Petco is higher than even the little corner robbery, er grocery store is on cat food and toys too. It is MUCH cheaper to shop online, even with the shipping charges. I sure wish they would get a Petsmart up here. :-(
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I love Petsmart. Definatly much better. I don't think there are many Petco lovers out there.
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Hmm, I always shop at Petco because it's so close. I didn't realize there was such a price difference. I guess after my free 20 lb. bag of Science Diet in November I will have to start checking out Petsmart.
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We don't have them here in NZ but there are definitly a big difference in prices at all our locals.
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They are higher priced and don't carry the things we need so we go to petsmart.
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they're about the same here
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I mostly go to Pet Supplies Plus. They have sales there, and I bought world's best cat litter (50% off), cat carrier (75% off), booda box (only 5$), etc.
I never seen those sales in Petsmart.
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I don't know about other brands, but my dog food is $3 a bag more at Petco than it is at Petsmart. Which means if I buy 10 bags at Petco, I spent $30 more than I would have at Petsmart, and my food is $30 a bag at Petsmart.....so I didn't save much money! I'm sure the other brands equal out like that too. I should start buying at Tractor Supply though, the food is the same price there that it is at Petsmart, but I can use my frequent buyer card. So I'd save $30 a year on dog food, I don't go through enough cat food to save on it. But I never have a reason to go to Tractor Supply, so it would be out of my way.
But yeah, Petco has higher prices on most everything. Pets Supply Plus is kinda high on stuff too, they run about equal with Petco around here. And they wanted $35 for an 18" reptile light when I got my dragon. Uh, don't think so! I went to Petland and got a better brand for $12. But the particular Petco that I go to has more knowledgable employees than Petsmart, and thier crickets (for the dragon) are higher quality, don't die as frequently. I don't need much help on the dogs and cats, but I usually have questions on my fish and dragon, and I trust the Petco guys more. Of course, each store is only as good as the employees they have!

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Originally Posted by AbbysMom
Does anyone else find Petco's prices MUCH higher than PetSmart? Is it just my area? The closest PetSmart is about a half hour away, but the Petco is right down the street. Whenever I run in for something quick, I am always horrified by the prices!
No, it is not just your area! Though I will shop petco for their sales and some variety of items that petsmart doesn't have, I do the bulk of food/litter shopping at petsmart. Toys I already have covered
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there are like 3 petcos to 1 petsmart but i like petsmart better because they have a bigger cat section, petco always seems to have maybe 3 rows of stuff and petsmart has like 7 or 8 and a section with condos. i never noticed the difference until i got a cat because when i only had a dog they seemed like the same store.
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Alas, I live in a town that not only does not cater to cats but also has only a Petco. We get two or three short rows of cat stuff, compared to the quarter of a store that the Petsmart back home has! I definately want to do more shopping at home.
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