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Cat Depression

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Hi guys,

I don't know where to begin! I have been introducing Napoleon D. to Cassie over the last several months. Believe me, there have been more than one breakthrough(s) over that time period...including both of them sharing "me" while taking a nap...kissing noses...eating treats next to each other...chasing each other around (not maliciously, though there are still times when that happens LOL)...

Now according to my behaviorist (yes, I have hired one because I am a freak!), there is a pecking order that needs to be determined between them, which makes PERFECT sense...with play therapy, essences and feliway, I feel they've come a long way in making their distinction...

Now...here's the kicker...Cassie has been extremely depressed, or just not herself over this time. She's been getting better, but it seems like no matter how much things have changed, she still seems withdrawn from Charlie and me (and she is the #1 protector of Charlie!)...

Besides play therapy (which we have been engaging her in), what else can I do to get her to cheer up? I feel so bad, because she is my little girl, and I love her so much! I tell her so every day (and I can say this on a cat board without anyone thinking I am a complete wacko LOL)...and yet, she still is kind of like a loner, ya know?

BTW, I am not completely *against* putting her on anti-depression meds but I am not completed *for* it either and would prefer not to. But looking for candid feedback if this may be a case for it.

And yes, I recognize it's still early (about a month and a half they have been socializing)...But it just concerns me because I don't want Cassie to stay in this funk forever...I know deep down there is a sweet, shy girl who loves to snuggle and she just has not been doing that often

Thanks in advance for listening!
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For the record, I am going through the same thing. My Gremlin is so withdrawn, growly, and nott he same cat I used to know and love!

I hope he'll come around.

I've recently ordered da bird toy, so we will see if that works. I'm looking into the felliway diffuser. He was on anti-depressants until yesterday because it seems to make him sick and more obsessive.

I need help too!
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Home.slice, we can help each other!!!

I'm from the camp that I think with some extra TLC and play time and extra special treats, our kits will be back to normal. Cassie is SLOWLY coming out of her shell, she is extremely shy is all.

I also harbor concerns because I am moving in another month and a half and need to slowly prepare Cassie for changes...Napoleon, I think, is pretty resilient. She needs some extra cuddle and attention
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You mentioned something about changes going on? If there are changes in your personal life that are happening that might make you down, sometimes our animals pick up on that and will act depressed too.

But if based on what your behaviorist says and you stating that she'll protect the other one, sounds like she may be distancing herself a bit to become the alpha cat. Continue to keep an eye on her and if things don't change or they get worse, contact the specialist or your vet.
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so sorry Friends.......Is possible this?.....a lovely kitty can be feel depress?.......

thanks for replied...
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Hey guys!
I had a very similar problem when I got my Josephine. At fist my Napoleon thought it was the greatest thing in the world to have a sister, but then when she started getting a lot of attention, he got mopey and depressed. I just kept treating them the way I always did, and after a couple weeks he figured out that I could quite easily love and want both of them. He's back to his bubbly (read: obnoxious) self again!

Good luck!
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I think my persian was depressed before I got the second one. He used to just lie around all day. Now they are chaising each other and he seems way more happy with a companion.
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When Edgar and I first moved in with my husband, Edgar totally changed from a sweetie to a terror...he was clearly depressed. We took extra time with him and gave him some space...it took him a while (nearly a year) but he did recover. I call it "transitional difficulties," and humans get it too ( I had to get used to living with my husband, and it took a year!! ) Your kitty is going to be OK, but it may just take time.

I don't really know enough about antidepressants for kitties to say whether or not they're a good idea. I will say that I am on two of them myself, and boy are they strong stuff! I'm not sure that I would want my babies on them. But that decision is between you and your vet.

Hang in there
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