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Litter champ??

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I am looking for something to dispose of my litter better and a garbage just isn't cutting it. We have the garbage on the porch well it's getting those little gnats in it and well frankly that's gross by the time we have to take it out for trash day! My husband found this Litter champ thing and I was wondering if anyone had tried it or if anyone had another idea that we could use?

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Although the litter we use is flushable, I do not flush it. I put it in our normal garbage. I keep all the plastic bags from the grocery and after scooping, I tie them up tightly and we have no problem with odour or insects.
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We have the Litter Locker, which is similar, and it works well.
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I do what Yosemite does....just bag the scoopings in a plastic grocery sack and throw in the trash can outside. No probs w/ bugs yet and a lot cheaper lol.
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I like it! I use flushable litter but in an effort to keep from lugging the litter box to the bathroom (about 5 steps since Cupid has a bathroom in his room, but I'm lazy!) I got a litter locker and I hated it. It was cheaply-made, IMO. I ended up throwing it away. It was probably the litter I used as well, which makes huge, sticky clumps and made the wheel hard to turn. Anyway, I've decided to just lug it to the loo in the mornings, but if I ever decided I didn't want to, I'm pretty sure I'd get that. It looks tough and sturdy.
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