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New toy

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I bought the cats a new toy that is a little like this.

It has clear plastic rings, with very light ping pong type balls in them. One around the outside, one inset in a track inside the circle. The cats can see the balls, and they are light enough that they fly around with the least small push.

I put it on the floor, and Sam looked at it, then realized what he could do. So I played with it with him for a while, hitting the ball back to him. Later on, I heard a funny (different) sound coming from the room, and realized he was in there playing by himself.

Bailey sat and watched from the doorway. Then sat beside it and started at it. This morning, I heard the same noise, the Sam walked by. It was Bailey, playing with the new toy, all on her own.

My cats are so lazy, I am thrilled to find a toy the play with on their own.
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I have had a simliar toy for several yrs. One of the cats REALLY likes it but I wonder where it is as I haven't seen it for a while (hmmmmm)
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When Oliver first got his, he would wake me up in the middle of the night so I could watch him play.
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Awww, that's so sweet. I had one of those too, and he liked it for a while. Hopefully your cats will keep liking it! I know how exciting it is to see them playing with something by their selves.
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My baby has one of those and she really likes rolling the ball around the track. It's so much fun watching her play.
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My cats have it too! They play with it all the time!!
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Is a cute present to your kitty! ....
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mine have something like it, too, but mine has no upper cover, the ball is just there. doesn't come out, tho. also there's a corrugated cardboad scratching pad in the center. they played with it a lot when it was new, now it's mostly a napping place
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Reilly has one like that too!, it has a catnip scratching thing on the top..it is one of his fav toys
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