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How can this be called "Funny"?

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I found this when I was checking out the link Cleo gave in her post about Cagney's picture being stolen:

I can't for the life of me figure out how this can be called a "funny" story, but more than that, why did it take this poor little guy being on death's door for someone to reach out to him? I know some wild cats cannot be safely approached, but this little guy headbonked the people as they tried to throw rocks at him! TNR would have been a better answer, since apparently no one was willing to adopt the poor soul. Even if he was truly dangerous, trapping and euthanizing him would have been a much kinder solution.

This breaks my heart. I just hope it isn't a true story.
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I've seen this story before somewhere but can't recall where I believe it is a true story. I don't think it was intended to be funny at all, but to teach us a moral lesson on Unconditional Love. Poor little kitty had a horrible life, and it really is heartbreaking I , for one, would have taken the poor thing in 'ugly' or not.
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The first time I read the story about Ugly, it made my heart flutter. He was so full of love ...... It's too bad that there are people out there who would hurt a poor, innocent animal despite it's looks. Ugly is in a much better place where all of the other Bridge animals love him & play with him. It's just sad the way he lived
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I also have seen that story posted...but cant recall who, when ,or where...will try to find it.

This story, to my best recollection, is a fictional piece, intended to remind us of the beuty in all animals...both inside and out.

I may be reading it wrong...but I hope not, as I would like to believe we all have the capacity to love both the "beautiful" and the "ugly" in all, and to encourage us to embrace all.
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I did a search on UGLY and found the the thread thatI remembered seeing this story on...
It was posted by my neighbor Mr. Cat, and it made me cry then, just as it still does now.

I have seen so many animals like Ugly, heck, when my beautiful boy Rudy was born, he was ugly too, hence his name R.U.D....Really Ugly Duckling....but he is the love of my life now,(always was) along with Cag and Lily.
Major Cliche' time...but Beauty really IS only skin deep!

***Helps if I post the link, eh? http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...highlight=ugly
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I too saw this story when it was posted here, and I bawled like a baby. I saved it because it touched my heart so much. I don't think they were meaning it to be funny, just telling the story. It is very sad, and reminds me we need to have more compassion for animals like that who are only trying to survive, and help them as much as possible. I am going to start crying again if I don't stop talking about it.
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Oh yeah, I about cried a river myself when I read that...I wouldn't care if an animal wasn't the prettiest site if it were homeless, I'd take it in (like we just did a new orange male hahaha!) and take care of him. I haven't named him yet.. I have to get him nuetored Poor guy! He's a cutie. I'll get a pic of him on here real soon

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That's how I feel about Marmalaide, our part-time cat. He is scrappy and scabby and probably full of fleas and worms, but he comes in the house for a snack and a nap and to warm up his icy little feet by sleeping on one of us. He's just so sweet and I wish his people took better care of him.

We were over at the old place last night doing the last minute cleaning and we tried so hard to put him in the car to come with us, but he just wouldn't do it. Seems to be afraid of the car - probably very wise for a cat living on the streets - and wouldn't even let us pick him up. He kept going into the empty apartment, looking around and looking up at us. Gosh, I miss him terribly.

We've only moved across the street (different apartment complex, nicer neighbors) and hubby says he's seen him over here, so I hope he finds us again soon.
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