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Brand new to forum

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I just joined a little while ago, but I've already found some extremely helpful feedback. I read a couple of posts that talk about their cat loosing his/her fur. My poor baby is doing the same thing. He's a year old black cat. He's gorgeous, healthy and happy, but he's loosing his fur in spots and is constantly scratching and grooming. I can't really afford to take him to the vet right now, but from what I've read, he could be allergic to his food. I only feed him dry food with an occasional treat of canned. I'm going to change his food today and get him in to see the vet ASAP to make sure. I like this site a lot. Thanks!
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Does your cat go outside or come into contact with other cats? He could also have a flea allergy or have ringworm (which is a fungus like athletes foot is to us). Get some over the counter athletes foot medicine (Topical) and put it on the bald spots - there are other things that cause fur loss besides food allergies and you need to be aware of them.

Welcome to the forum and hope you will enjoy being part of the group.
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bbailey....I am so glad you have joined us! I took the liberty of moving your post to the health and nutrition forum, hope you don't mind!! I think you will get more responses to your question here! And once again, thanks for joining us!!!
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Welcome bbailey!

Like Rene said, this could very well be a flea allergy or ringworm. Can you tell if he has fleas? Are the bald patches round in shape and scaly at the edges (if so, this could indicate ringworm - though ringworm can also come in other forms).
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Hi Everyone!

I have the same problem with my three-year-old female cat. On her left side near her hind legs. There is a large spot where her fur is coming out. I took her to the vet. He had some samples of the spot scrape and sent to the lab. In the meantime, he gave me some pills and ointment to give to my cat. The ointment seem to have help the balding spot heal. Her hair or fur is growing back. The lab results came back as negative. She does not have ringworms or fleas. However, three weeks later the same condition is starting all over again. I wonder what could be causing this condition. I have had my cat for almost 21/2 years now. I also, have a two-year-old male cat. He does not have the balding spot problem. Is there anyone who can help me with this? Thanks in advance.

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If all the fungus and fleas are out of the way, you may want to look into a food allergy. Allergies can develop after 4 years of the same food. It could be as silly as yeast in the food they eat. You may want to talk to the vet about this and see about a prescription diet.
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He does have a few fleas, but I get those off with a flea comb. I don't think they're enough to bother him much, but I could be wrong. (I can't afford the flea medicine right now, but I intend to get some ASAP.) I haven't really looked at the bald spots. He scratches at them quite a bit and has scabs on some. It's breaking my heart to see him go through this, but as soon as money is available, he is going to the vet. I'll take another look and get back to you about the spots. Thanks
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