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My little protecter!!

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I was not home Friday night to witness this but Neil had left Bobber & Bakker outside through our garage service door that leads to the back yard. He was standing by them and our neighbor's giant malmute (older male about 120-130#) came around the side of the house. He said the cats puffed up, hissed and then OX must have been in the garage and came out to join the action.
Then Bobber ran towards the dog and went for his face. He said she leaped about three feet in the air!! He thought that was the end of Bobber but the dog was always kindof dumb so the dog jerked his head in time and Bobs lightly got him in the face and just stood there!! He got Bakker and OX back in the house. He didn't want to touch Bobs but the dog was just standing there so he sent him back home and I guess got Bobber calmed down!!
Bobs weighs 9# but as an American Bobtail is quite muscular and very small (smaller than the dogs head!!)
Guess we don't need an watchdog while we have her around.
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Awww, she's a tough little girl!
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That is so cool when our little tough guys protect us! Ther was a Chow near where we lived in SC a few years ago, and Fred hated that dog. He was a fairly good natured dog, but Fred did not want him around me. I heard this awful noise outside, and just knowing Fred was about to be eaten, I grabbed my gun and ran out the door, figuring I could scare the dog away, or God forbid, something worse. I got to the door, and heard the dog yelping like something was killing it. Fred was sitting on the back of the dog's neck, hind feet dug in to his neck, and front claws dug into the sides of his nose, riding him like a little cowboy, howling at the top of his lungs. It was hysterical!
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Oh my! ....thank to God! ......
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Way to go Bobber! You're a tough chick!
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