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Just got a digital camera

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Uh oh, you guys are in for it now! Walmart has these on sale for $20.00! LOL So Mike went down and got one- guess we will see how rinky dink they are- the disk holds 18 shots so after that, I guess we will know what kind of quality this inexpensive, okay cheap camera is!
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I'm not sure if yours is anything like mine, but I can download any number of pics on it without taking the maximum amount. I've taken one pic and downloaded it, so you may not have to wait until you take all 18.
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Is it the Polaroid PhotoMax? My b/f bought me one but I havent been able to use it pc doesnt have enough ports until I spend $40.00 for extras's! :LOL:

It's always something!
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I totally agree in regards to the cost of the camera. I do suggest that if someone is considering a camera to do the consumer report run and also do as much research as possible. I got a Kodak DC3200 and it works great but if I would of shopped around a little more, I could of got a camera twice as good for like $20 more. Digital cameras are so much fun, especially with the cats. You can snag a picture just at the right moment and be looking at it on your screen the next.

If anyone is interested in a great site for researching computer gear, I suggest, I've frequented this site for almost 3 years now and they are dead on with suggesting the best bang for your buck.
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The pictures are out of focus and even in full sunlight you can see the poor quality. Oh well, I didn't expect that much when it came down to it because of the low cost.
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I have a Polaroid PDC700, I bought in about 2 years ago for $289.00. You can get it now for nearly half of that!! So prices are definitley coming down.
Its a great camera, and has 3 modes. Superfine, fine, and normal, and depending on which you choose you can store from 25-75 photos in the camera. I highly recommend it, its a great camera. And it came w/ lots of accessories!!
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