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I wish it was summer again! School rant!

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One of my classes this semester is Anatomy & Physiology I and I take it on Mon. & Wed. from 6:30am-9:00am and then I go to work. This professor is HARD. I knew he was going to be tough before the class started but the class schedule worked well with my work schedule. Well we had a quiz (just a quiz not a test) on Chapter 2 this morning. The quiz on Chapter 1 was hard last week so I studied all weekend, and every evening last week for this quiz. It was 10 questions and I missed 4! My grade was a 60 That is the lowest grade I have ever received. I was so upset. I thanked him for starting my week off so well
To top it all off we have a Unit Test Wednesday morning to cover chapters 1-4. Due before the test Wednesday are the chapter assignments (review exercises at the end of each chapter, alot of work!), for chapters 1-4. I have 1 and 2 done, but we just went over 3 and 4 today. He handed out a take home quiz for chapters 3 and 4 due Wednesday morning as well. We also have lab assigments, 3 of them due Wednesday morning as well!
I am a very hard worker when it comes to class and even I feel like getting all of that done and studying is going to be impossible. The test is 70 questions!
I get very worked up over tests and have been having a terrible time sleeping lately because I am so stressed out over this class. I hope on Wednesday morning I am able to post here that I did well.
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Sending you lots of good vibes.
If you need any help with studying, please PM me. My husband had to take A & P a few years ago for nursing. I wish you lots of good luck!
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I hated A&P, but my prof. was really, really boring. (The other one was really fun, and really cute! Too bad I didn't get him!) You could do what I did. There was this guy in my class who always aced everything and I asked him to help me study and he did. I did much better!
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Hang in there Squirt! I know you can do it!
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I HATE it when tests/quizzes with nly ten questions are given. It's like they all want you to fail. My third year of spanish, I almost failed if the teacher hadn't only been for one semester. We would play games most of the time, which was fun, but when she did give us assignments/tests, they were ten points, five points. ANd you know no matter how many times you go over things you get mistakes.. and so you know a four oout of five is a b- :O

I think every test should have at LEAST 20 questions.

I wish I was still in highschool theres still some classes I wanted to take. *sigh*
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