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Favorite spot to sleep?

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What are your kitty's favorite sleeping spots?

Pixie has a thing for sleeping on top of the t.v. during the day and at the foot of my bed on top of my legs at night.

Milo sleeps on that spot on the bed during the day, but at night he likes to sleep in the closet in the little yaffa block shelf on top of my clothes!
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Phoebe - during the day she sleep in a plant pot on the veranda, at night btwn my legs on the bed.

Kelvin - on the sofa in the lounge during the day, and next to me at night.

Foxy - under a bush during the day, and on one of my pillows at night.
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During the day Harley loves to sleep inbetween the cushions in my couch, it must be nice and warm there!

Recently I found him sleeping on one of my coffee tables...on my photo albums, now how can that be comfy?

At night he is right on my pillow with me, right next to my head! I love it
And sometimes he is right under the bed too if he's not sleeping with me!
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Rosie loves their padded bed, and so does Sophie, but if i lie down to watch t.v. on the sofa, you can guarantee that Sophie will jump on my lap and curl up

At night Rosie curls up in the crease of my legs and Sophie against my tummy.

I love these cats of mine!!
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Durning the day Pepper usually sleeps on the dresser or on the bench in our hallway. In the night she sleeps on my pillow or on the bed beside me.

Pixie sleeps everywhere during the days, we've only had her three weeks so she hasn't really picked out a "favourite" spot yet but I'm sure she will soon enough. In the nights though she is starting to sleep on the bed more and more. Either on top of my pillow or at the foot of the bed on or in between my legs.
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Max sleeps at the top of his cat tree in the day, and Alfie sleeps on a towel on my bed.

During the night I usually wake to find Alfie on my pillow, and Max by my side or laying in the gap between my shoulder and head
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All my cats sleep on a bed with one of us at night. Savannah is always with me. Jesse always joins us in the middle of the night. The other two will sleep with us, or the kids. They aren't picky.

During the day, it's either on the couches, the beds, or the top of the cat tree.
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Lately some of my babies enjoy sleeping on top of my computer monitor!!
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Ari will sleep on the floor - especially if it means we have to step over him to get anywhere!
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Currently Sylvester prefers to sleep next to my parents bed or next to my mother's dresser. However when winter comes he will probably be back to sleeping on the bed.
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Odin, the new kitten, feels the need to clear off the coffee table of anything on it and sprawls out there. he also sleeps under the bed and on my feet at night.

Pansy sleeps wherever her prissy lil heart desires. everywhere.
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Patches - Anywhere that involves a pillow

Beauty - on her newly renovated Cosco box (fleeced pillow with fleece mattress and a fleece lining).

Luna - Either on the window sill behind the headboard, in front of the TV or on a small chest surrounded by my boyfriend's clothes! On occassion at night she can be found sleeping in front of the litterbox.
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On me! When I'm not here, or he fell asleep in the sun, he'll sleep on his beds but if I'm here and he's tired, he will bug me relentlessly until I cuddle him to sleep. Right now he's staring at me with sleepy eyes, waiting for me to stop typing.
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During summer days, Josie likes to sleep on my wicker loveseat in the sun porch. During winter last year, Josie started sleeping during the day in front of one of the heating vents. So, I put her sheepskin bed there. At night, she starts out the night in between my legs and then later moves up to curling up in my armpit.
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Felicia sleeps under a cover on the bed, while Beau sleeps on the couch. At night Felicia and Beau both sleep on the bed close to me.
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Wittle likes to sleep on the bed, in the middle of the floor, and on his little cat-bed thing. He also likes to sleep on/near me.

Bitty likes to sleep on top of the back of the couch. Anywhere else is pretty random. She never sleeps on me -- never in her lifetime. She also likes to sleep on top of the desk.

Retro likes to sleep on top of the back of the couch, too, and likes to sleep in the middle of the floor. Sometimes he sleeps right next to the computer mouse -- when I'm using it .

They all like sleeping on top of the cat-post-scratcher-dome thing. I don't know what its called.

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Kitty will sleep on my bed at night next to my feet. She uses my legs as a pillow. During the day she sleeps in my closet, or on the bed, or in the sun in the lounge room. Kitty also likes to sleep in the crook of my arm when i am using the computer!
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As I sit on my laptop on the couch right now, Teddy is on one of my legs, snoring away.

He usually sleeps somewhere in the bed, at our feet.

PJ only visits the bed, but doesn't sleep there. She likes boxes, or the floor, or anything, really. We just find her in random places sleeping away...
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At night, all three tend to sleep with me, Sheba snuggled close to my left where I can hug her in my sleep, Red Cat about two feet away on the other side of the bed, and Purdy near or ON my feet or legs.

In the daytime, Purdy and Sheba both prefer my lap if I'll let them. But if I don't or can't, Sheba has a bed on top of an old typewriter table in my sewing room which is her current favorite. It has a window view so she can enjoy the scenery and the birds when she wakes up and stretches.

When I don't let him in my lap, Purdy joins Red Cat in a small slit between the furnace and a wall in the furnace room, if I let them in there. Both still beg me to let them into their really preferred spot, though, but I haven't done so for about a year. That is the far back corner behind boxes and under the lowest steps in the storage room under the stairwell. I'm just so afraid they are going to barf back there and it will be years before I clean up that storage room enough to get back there. Imagine the mold!
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Sophie sleeps wherever I might be. If I'm at the computer, she sleeps on or under the desk. Watching t.v., she's on the chair behind my head. In the kitchen, she's usually under the kitchen table. In bed, she sleeps above my head on my pillow.
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Little Pete - under the bed during the day, on the bed at night
Shorty - Oddly enough, in the bathroom sink during the day. At night it's the bed, usually on the top of my pilliow with one paw resting on my head.
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Reilly's favourite sleeping spots...his little bed or on my bed laying across my neck or on my head
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During the day...

Prada-in the window by the top of our bed...or on the couch in the living room

Tobie- On top of their lil'play house in the living room

At night....

Prada-either in the same window as during the day...or on the table next to my side of the bed.

Tobie-Anywhere he can get to my neck to suckle on it during the fiance gets jealous (lol)
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I seem to find Zakk underneath the computer desk a lot lately, on the bed or laying on my dirty clothes. Rocky seems to like to be on the couch next to me or sprawled on the carpet next to the TV. They both hang out in the bedroom at night.
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