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Was able to hold one of the siamese earlier! It it a girl, and she is quite sickly. I finally just bottle fed her some baby food and pedialyte hoping it will revive her. Her gums are very pale and I am worried about her, but can only do so much to help her. I am calling her Willow- for Wil-o-whisp because she is a tiny whisper of a thing. She could use prayers, I have her on medication and will be feeding her every few hours to try and get her strength up. The others are hiding, quite effectively I might add......
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Prayers coming your way from Maryland! If anyone can nurse her back to health, it's you!
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Willow, what a lovely name.

Prayers are going to little Willow. I pray she'll perk up and grow to be a strong, healthy, and happy kitty.
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Oh MA, I wish you lived closer to me. I'd take little Willow in a heartbeat once shes well. You are a kitty They are so lucky you came into the picture when you did. Keep us posted on their progress and good luck
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I hope Willow is able to pull thru. I am sure you will do wonders nursing her back to health.
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MaryAnne - prayers coming from my house to yours! Willow is a gorgeous name. She will make it with you tending to her!
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Sending lots of hugs, headbutts, purrs & kisses from Arizona!
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Willow is a really pretty name. I will say a little prayer for her.
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My prayers are with little Willow. Hopefully she will become as healthy & friendly as my best friend's cat Willow. Sending positive vibes your way!
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