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How much would you pay for a meal?

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How much would you pay, or have you paid, for a meal at a restaurant? And was it worth it?!

If it's a special occassion then I don't see £100 for two people as being over the top (including drinks), but I have many friends who wouldn't pay over £40. Obviously we eat at different restaurants!

So, do you push the boat out, or do you keep it firmly anchoured and see meals out as a waste of money?
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no.. it depends??
When i eat out with my parents it depends where we go, we went to this restaurant in frankfurt for 3 people it was 150 euros. But the food was delicious.

When i eat at a restaurant with ben the most we spent was 50 euros and that is alot for 2 young people.
usually though when my parents come here we go out and eat for 4 and that ranges from 50 - 70 euros.
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Well when I'm out with someone, they normally pay but if I'm paying my own way I normally don't top $40
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I'll only get Sunny into a fancy restaurant when the nether regions freeze over! The most we've spent is about 50-60USD for the both of us.
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I don't like to get stuff thats too expensive.. no more than $15 a meal for me. xP lol
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If I'm paying for myself it's $25-30 maximum, usually less. If I'm going out with Keith it's more, bc he's picking up the check, lol. We don't usually go out to eat too often so when we do it's appetizers, drinks, and the meal!
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It all depends. I have enjoyed meals in restaurants for less than $5, in fact it may be even lower if you consider McDonald's Restaurant as a "restaurant" I really enjoy their hot fudge and breakfast but there are time when the bill goes up to more than a $1000. So it all depends on the situation.
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Intersting question. This summer, while on vacation, my Dad and I went out for a really nice meal. And he's not much of a drinker, so we each had one glass of wine. The bill was $150.00, so easily could have been more if we'd had a bottle. So I don't think that £100 is too much.
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Fancy evening: $100+ for two people

Regular eating out: $40-$50

We don't eat junk food on a regular basis. Its only emergency food and even then, I will go to a Pita or Burrito place over McDonald's etc. I think McDonald's is overpriced poison.

If I am hard pressed, I may slink into a BK or a Wendy's. But I like their salads and their burgers better than the aforementioned.

Overall, though, I find that I am a better cook than most of what I can find out there.
So, I save money for good ethnic specialties.
(which I do cook just might not have all the ingredients on hand).
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the most i will spend.. and probably won't again.. for a single meal is $35/person. This was at a seafood buffet at the beach this summer.. Well we went to two so it was 2 nights in a row and the worst part is I don't really like seafood. The only way I'd pay $35 again is if there was dinner entertainment. No kind of food, imo, is worth $35 for one meal for one person. At lunch I try to stay below $3 a day and do well at it although it's all junk..
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I top out around $30 or so bucks a person.

I don't eat beef out and find that unless it's seafood that I am better equiped to cook it than pay for it out. It also helps that I don't drink alcohol. I'm trying to give up soda pop but that is more difficult.

Typically though, if I go out to eat it's either fast food or an Applebees type place that I can come in under $20. I just don't find that I'm satisified spending more money than that on a meal out. $100 is about what I spend on groceries for the month so it would have to be some kind of meal to have me blow that kind of money on it.
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Well Saturday we had one of those fancy meals. Our tab with drinks,tip, appetizer, meal and dessert was probably about $100-$110. We only do those types of meals once or twice a year. I was so full I didn't eat yesterday until mid-afternoon!!
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On very special occassions, we have spent $100+ on a really lovely meal for 2. This was in Cleveland, we went to a really romantic Portuguese restaurant, and the dinner included fantastic service, Appetizers, Salads, Wine, soup, Lobster, dessert and after dinner drinks. It was lovely!

The most we've spent out side of our now regular visits there sort of annual- (every time we're in Cleveland)is $60, and that was only ever for Valentines Day so on the whole we do fairly well. I think in general we do about 35-40 bucks tops if it's a nice meal out.
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On special occasions, we can easily spend over $100 for the two of us.

We go out with a group of friends 2-3 times a year usually to a better restaurant. We eat from appetizer to dessert, usually with a lot of drinks in between. Last time we went out, I didnt even ask my husband what our share ended up being. I didn't want to know.

We are all going out again in a few weeks. Here is the menu of where we are going:


I better start saving up now!
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lol if you include drinks then, I may top out at 40-50/person but only on special occassions. Usually we drink prior to or after eating so we don't need to pay ridiculous restaurant prices for alcohol, but some occasions warrant some drinks..
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FOr just me no more than 12 bucks usually under five ( you can get a meal with drink and appitizer at some places for that little) ... For a going out with others about the same maybe 25 if it was fine dinning
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom
I better start saving up now!
...poor Hubby Pocket! ....bad chick! ......... ....(Just kidding Karen!)...

Hummmmmm.........Fran say well, it depend he occasion and the place...but normally we spend $ 25.00 usd in a meal for both included deserts and Tips.....but when is a special ocation the cost would be around to $100.00 Usd... ......................................but is so great!
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I think the most we ever spent was $88.00 for 2 people including one drink each & tip. That was at the Mango Tree. It is a beautiful restaurant. The only meat I eat is fish, but not shellfish, so that keeps the price down a little.The thing I didn't expect was that I paid $9.50 for a glass of wine.

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Wow, I just realized I have no idea how much a meal costs. I've only paid for food when I've taken friends out and I just put the debit card down.

When we go to Vegas we eat at 5-star restaurants but I don't know how much they are. I do know that one of them has a limit of $100 per table. So if you were alone you'd have to pay $100 for a meal. Or was it per person? I don't know.
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom

We are all going out again in a few weeks. Here is the menu of where we are going:


I better start saving up now!
Those prices are VERY reasonable compared to places in this area. Entrees usually start at $25 and go up to about $35.00. Then the appetizers run from $8-$12.

It's pretty much standard to pay $150 for 2 people in a standard good quality restaurant. The expensive ones are even more money.
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I think the most I've spent was around $80 at a French restaurant in Los Angeles...I think that might have been including the tip. It was good, but not THAT good!

Normally I don't spent more than $15 when I eat out...I don't go to fancy places. :-) Besides, I'd rather spend my money shopping!
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Originally Posted by CoolCat
...poor Hubby Pocket! ....bad chick! ......... ....(Just kidding Karen!)...

Hummmmmm.........Fran say well, it depend he occasion and the place...but normally we spend $ 25.00 usd in a meal for both included deserts and Tips.....but when is a special ocation the cost would be around to $100.00 Usd... ......................................but is so great!
Which fran are you talking to??
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I like sushi, and when you are eating Raw Fish you don't *want* to spend too little on it. We frequently would spend $50-100 on sushi for the two of us.

I'm trying to cut down and save money. But it's so hard.
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Originally Posted by fwan
Which fran are you talking to??
I´m Talking about a some beautiful flower from Frankfurt! ......

a very very overprotecting and superspoiled mother, owner of 2 lovely Gattos! ................. ..............

Cheers Chick!
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We paid $75 for a Valentines Day dinner at the Keg. It was worth it ...especially for the cheesecake dessert!
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We go out once a week and spend about $25 CAD each, but for a nice dinner we would easily spend $100 on drinks etc - I think our anniversary dinner came closer to $200 - it was good though - but I think the chocolate cake had enough cals for a whole week!
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On the rare occasion when Dieter and I are in the same time zone, we don't usually go out to expensive places. In the town we're both from, one of our favorite places is a sushi resturaunt that runs about $40 for the two of us. I don't eat much, because I'm all little and such, so it's usually just the two of us splitting a sushi boat (it's made for 2-3 people), and splitting a dessert. The boat comes with miso soup and a cucumber salad, so it's a great meal.

He took me to a resturaunt in San Diego when I went to visit him that was really nice, and probably really expensive. I have no idea how expensive, though. Since I'm a student, and he has his housing and food paid for, he generally catches the bill when he's around.

When I go out with friends, we usually try to keep it under $30 including drinks for each person. Poor college students.
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There are basically three situations in which we eat out. I don't count grabbing something fast at the Golden Arch Supper Club as "eating out".

The least elaborate is the odd mid-week evening when the chef needs a night off: we go to our favourite pub-style restaurant, and have comfort food and some wine or beer, and get out for $60 or so.

The middle situation is a casual dinner out with friends, which usually sets us back something like $80 or so.

The upper level is a special occasion dinner which probably will approach $150.

We seldom do appetizers, sometimes do dessert, usually do either wine or beer, except for the special occasion, when we might do a drink before and wine with.

My recent experience is that the price has been worth it. I have no objection to paying what it costs to have a nice meal out. Mostly we do it at home, because I enjoy cooking and Rob likes my cooking as well as anyone's. But it's also a real pleasure to let someone else do it, and pick up ideas along the way. I love to reverse engineer.

So, tops probably about $150, and yes, well worth it.
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A friend of mine is a chef, and about three years ago he and his wife did a special New Year's Eve dinner for couples at his restaurant, so I took my then-girlfriend-now-wife and it set me back $110, but I didn't mind, as I knew it was going to be something extra special. All mezzanine tables were joined together and it ended up being about 28 of us in one gigantic table. However, the chef did the event as a gesture of thanks, because I'm guessing he didn't make a dime from it. Here's why: It was a nine-course meal including drinks, among which were a limitless supply of white and red wine, plus 24 bottles of french champagne!

First course was served at 11:30 pm, while dessert came at 4:30 in the morning! It was insane! I'll never forget it:
1. One raw sea urchin in a shot glass with mezcal, tomato and lemon juice.
2. Arugula salad with one grilled giant scallop.
3. Steamed clams in a saffron stew.
4. Tuna tartare with pear and avocado.
5. Foie gras with freshly-fried potato chips.
6. Abalone and artichoke pan-fried in olive oil.
7. Fresh salmon in a deep-sea crab cream.
8. Rib eye with an olive cream.
9. Chocolate cascade with Bailey's and Frangelico on top.


When the chef came up from the kitchen to ask us what we thought of the whole thing, we gave him a standing ovation.

However, the chef himself takes top prize among us mere mortals, as once in London he had dinner at a place called The Fat Duck, ranked #1 in the world, and that little escapade set him and his wife back $750! It was a sixteen course dinner, the first of which was, just to give you an idea, a frozen ball of green tea, lime juice and vodka, brought to your table in a container kept at 200 degrees below zero by liquid nitrogen; the waiter took the ball with pincers and placed it in your open mouth, where it instantly melted in an explosion of flavor. Unbelievable.
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When we go out to eat in a decent restaurant I think we usually spend between $50-$70. I think it really depends on which one of us is drinking If we are out with friends I think we spend more because we make sure someone else drives so we can both drink.

If we could afford it, I would have no problem going out to a nice restaurant and spending $100-$150 on a good dinner. We did that with friends to celebrate a few months ago.A good meal in a nice place is definately worth it, it's just not something we can really do often.
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