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How did you chose your kitty or did he/she choose you?

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i was just curious to know how all of you found your furbabies, bonnie was at a cat protection society and grabbed my arm as i walked past, i wanted to keep going to look at the other cats but she meowed so loudly and i could see her little paws poking out of the cage behind me so i had to take her home!

i found pandy one day when i was shopping and was walking past the pet store to leave and she was sitting in the window looking sooo cute, so i took her home too

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Kandie ... was no chose since she was the only girl in her litter and I wanted a girl

Zoey walked up and rubbed the rest is history

Gigi choose me by clawing her cage door... I was looking for dogs 2 to 5 times her size
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Ooooh! Here goes, a good one for me!

We chose our stud cat Benja because he has stunning head type and his coat was soooooooooo wishy washy (every colour of the rainbow) and that's absolutely essential for a black kitten to have a wishy washy coat because then they are jet black when they are older. We first saw him at six months old when he was in a for sale part at a show hall, we decided we must add him to our breeding programme and he came home a few days later!

My baby boy Elmo was chosen too. Two of my best friends in the world, Garfield & Holly had passed away and Elmo was the colour of them both. He was born in my room and he's extremely special to me. Definitly sent from above.

Mum and I both chose our little ladies Holly(seen in siggy) and Sophie, they were both only a few hours old but they had perfect type and we just KNEW they were hours.

Muffin always appealed to me when she was a baby and Nana gave her to me for my birthday!

Bridget was the pick of the litter and she was only a few hours old when I chose her to be mine too.

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A friend of ours discovered a mama cat and her kittens abandoned by someone in the laundry room of the apartment complex he managed. We took two of those kittens, Bonnie and Clyde (who has since crossed over the rainbow bridge) Bonnie was a tiny little girl who was spayed just after her first heat.

Last year, when we had to put our older cat, Kiki, to sleep due to complete kidney failure we adopted Sissy and Buddy thru an ad in the local paper for free kittens.
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One day a neighbor`s "Momma" cat took one of her aprox 8 week old kittens and dropped it off at our next door neighbors house, and they gave it away to a relitive.
The following day she brought her other 2 remaining gray, swirrly striped ,tiger kits and left them on our front porch. The biggest one adopted my husband...and he named him Toby. Our grandaughter took the tiny little runt, a female she named Misty.
That will be a year just about Thanksgiving time.
This past spring, when I realized how much attention Toby was demanding, and knowing I`d soon be spending more time in the yard ..(I have over a dozen flower beds and aprox 500-600 Hosta to care for in the summer)...we decided to adopt a little brother for Toby to play I called a friend who had severl outdoor cats and asked her about a yellow kitten I`d enjoyed playing with a few months earlier.
After getting him checked out at the vet...shots and "fixed"...we named him Tedy and brought him home. It took a few days for them to figure out who the Alpha cat was, but have been BEST BUDS ever since....even though 2 cats could not possibly be more opposit,in every way imaginable, except that they are both males!
I guess opposits attract...even in the feline community!
Funny thing is....after talking to the gals who prievously owned my 2 kittens, I found out that their birthdays are only 6 days apart! Toby will be a year old Sept 22nd (14#s), and Tedy on Sept. 28th.(amost 10#s) BOY HAVE THEY CHANGED & GROWN!!! (Esp since they were fixed!)
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When we decided we were ready for another cat, I went on Petfinder. There were a few (OK, a lot) that I fell in love with. I narrowed it down to six and had my husband choose which ones he wanted to see in person. Abby was first on the list. When we got to the shelter and they showed us the cat room, Abby (her shelter name was Zelda) woke up right away, stretched and came to the window. She was the only one out of about 15 cats in the room that did that. We not only chose her, she also chose us.
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Nacho and Orion were my brothers kittens, and when he and his girlfriend found out they were pregnant they decided they needed to save their money up and were going to send the kitties to a local rescue. I asked my mum if we could take them in and find them a new home, and thank god she said yes. We grew way too attached to them, and now they won't be going anywhere.

Poptart and Gordito and a sister, Pigger, were brought to me by a lady who found them as she was mowing her lawn, they were only about 4 weeks old and needed to be hand raised. Poptart was the biggest, but the sickest. I didn't think he was going to make it. But with antibiotics and all the love I could give him, he pulled though. The littles one, Pigger didn't though, and she passed away a few days after I got them. Gordito was adopted when he was 8 weeks old, but returned a few weeks after for being 'aggressive'. no one was even interested in Poptart, whish I found surprising since he's so darn hot! LOL. Anyway, my mum, who didnn't even want them in the house to begin with, the day I told her I was taking them to the rescue group that I volunteered for, told me no, that she wanted to keep them xP.

So thats where my babies came from. It was meant to be. Lol
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A friend of mines cat had just had kittens when I finally caved in and decided I wanted a couple. He described them to me, and I said straight away that I'd have the two boys (who I thought at the time were one black/white and one grey/white). The first time I went to see them they were about 4 weeks old, Alfie (who we thought was a girl!) climbed onto my lap and sat down like the most natural thing in the world! Absolutely stole my heart, and even though I wanted a boy I couldn't not take him, plus the two grey kitties made such a nice pair.

So, I ended up with Max and Alfie (who we obviously later found out was a boy too!), and I'm so so glad that I did! Alfie is my little cuddlebug, and Max is my tearaway bundle of furr and energy.
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Our first two Dexter and DeeDee we got at our local rescue shelter. We were shown to the kittenry (lol) where Dexter was on his back in the sun....little flasher already I was walking in and saw two little eyes peering at me from behind a basket, my little scaredy cat DeeDee. I fell in love with that little face so we whisked them up and took them home. Unfortunately they had to be chipped before we could take them and Dexter became claustrophobic after that He crossed over about two years after we got them...

Our latest addition Squid we got from the local pet shop. We saw him and had them take him out of the cage. He was in my arms, looked up at me and rubbed my chin with his head. How could we resist! He is the most loving cat I have ever encountered and every time our paths cross during the day I get head-bumped...
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i wasnt allowed a cat, so i went to the pet store ready to buy a very large fish tank, ben went crazy as i was about to pay so instead he collected, a cat toilet, food dish and a few toys Ihadnt bought any food because i planned to buy it once i got the kitten.
the saturday came and the cat shelter wouldnt give me any cats, i was crying and ben felt sorry for me, we went to the petrol station and got a newspaper for the whole state. We stopped at maccas i couldnt eat so while he was eating he looked through the whole list, we called each and everyone of them and no luck. Untill the lady said that the kitty had to go by the next day and she said it was a boy and black! my heart stopped i knew i had to get him, we sped at 200 km/h and got there with in 45 minutes
AS soon as i saw him i knew he was mine!

Chloe on the other hand.. bens mother just rocked up on my door step with her.
She had been looking at this kitten for a few weeks. She was friendly and had been to the vet so everything was fine!
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Well Gandalf was chosen for me by whatever higher power you believe in. I was going to take one of the litter that my cousin's cat was due to have. I sat down with the mama cat and asked her if she was going to give me a little grey kitty. My cousin called me at three in the morning to let me know that mama had the kittens and there was a little grey boy there for me. He's my special order kitty. And the biggest love bug ever.

Samwise on the other hand found his way to that same cousin's house and she knew I wanted another kitty. She knew it was fate when it was another little grey boy. It was love at first sight. He was a strange looking little thing though, thankfully he out grew his odd lookingness. He's my talker.
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Two of mine I brought with me from Russia, I did not ask them Is that Cat-Napping?
3rd cat stood several years ago in front of my door (at this time he was very skinny) and decided to live with me - I think, was a good idea.
And my fourth cat lived ten years with an Italian in Germany, this man decided to move back to Italy. He did not want to take the cat with him (cat is 10 ys. old), and, what to do, I adopt him (the cat).
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Wow Felicia! Your's and Bonnie's story is VERY similar to ours!!!

I missed the type of companionship a cat can bring, so my boyfriend and I went looking for one. When we started walking around the shelter...this kitty stuck her paws out at us and let us pet her threw her cage for awhile. My boyfriend (who didn't grow up with pets) said "Oh look, honey this one wants us to take her home!" I could tell his mind was made up, but we only looked at 1/4 of the kitties that were there, and being the cat lover I am...I wanted to see what the others were like...when we started coming back around Summer was laying down in the back of her cage...when she saw us, she came to the front of the cage and stuck her paws out again....the place was hopping with potential cat owners and she chose us. We couldn't have asked for a better cat!

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I had been thinking of getting a cat for some time. At the time, I was thinking about going to a breeder and getting a Ragdoll. I had read about them, seen pictures, and thought that would be the perfect cat for me. One day I had time to kill waiting to pick up my sister from work, and thought I'd run into the Petsmart nearby and kill some time looking at kitty stuff. I didn't even know they had cats for adoption in the back in glass holders for people to check out. I looked at a few and read the stories which went along with them. I had my eye on a long haired beauty but kept going through them all. At the end was a cat named Dreamsicle. He was a short haired orange and white tabby and I thought he was a very handsome cat. He came up to the front of the box when I was looking at him, and did this adorable paw lift toward me, almost waving to me. I just knew he wanted to come home with me. I read his story about how he was dumped at a spay/neuter clinic here in town. I couldn't believe no one wanted this sweet kitty. I called the contact number and shortly after that I was there at Petsmart adopting him, and buying a zillion dollars worth of cat stuff since I didn't have anything already. I hated his name, so changed it and named him after Marat Safin, my favorite tennis player. I play a lot of tennis and just love him. Anyway, just like so many others, I feel my cat chose me. As soon as he did that little wave thing, he had me hooked. The little brat hasn't done that trick again since.
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We found an add for Prada in the paper, i always wanted a gray/white kitty and female, so my fiance and I started looking and found her...drove/got lost it took us all day to find her but we did it!

When we moved into our house at the end of june we knew we needed to find a friend for Prada....Andrew was working late so I told him I was going to Animal Rescue League to "just look." but as I was leaving there a big dog came around the bend so i moved close to the cages, and this little paw came out and grabbed my was love at first site...and he got a new home that same night!!!! (i love this lil guy)
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I called every where looking for a kitten. Only one place still had some. 2 they said. I drove 45 minutes to find only a little orange fur ball left of the litter. I had to take him, he was too cute not to.
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I found my Pepper in the pet store in the mall. Someone had just bought her sister and she was sitting there all alone and sad...I had to bring her home with me.

My bf found Pixie as a stray, living behind the welding shop where he works. As soon as he seen her he couldn't leave her, he had to bring her home. She was so tiny and just wanted to be loved.
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i've posted my stories before, but i don't mind posting them again...
Pixel & Mouse were littermates. Mouse was so pretty, & i had always wanted a blue cat, so i told the lady whose cat had the litter that i wanted the blue one & whichever other kitten was her best friend. when i went to get Mouse, they told me the black & white kitten was her friend, so the 2 of them went home with me. Now, i had also wanted to name a cat Pixel, but had to think of another computer name... when i came up with Mouse, it was obvious that Mouse was a better name for the blue kit, & so Pixel got her name.
Cable was in october of 2004 in the road in front of the school where i teach. she was covered in fleas, very dehydrated, and only about 8 weeks old. altho her big sisters were not too thrilled, i couldn't say no, & named her Cable, thinking she was a boy.
Java was found in the parking lot outside my school in April of 2005, at about 3 1/2 months old. she was, & still is, very friendly with everyone - she's never met a stranger! i took her home, having room for her since Mouse went to the bridge at christmas 04. Pixel was very glad when Java came because now Cable plays with Java instead of trying to get Pixel to play with her!
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All of my cats chose me except for Savanna I got her at the humane socity.
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Is how Jack Daniels came to me first I had my sister's cat Mystik and I thought I was going to be keeping her. Well 3 months later my sister came and took her back and I was devastated!!

Well then my birthday came around and I was browsing the humane society website looking at black cats. I saw Jack Daniels and immediatly said "I want THAT ONE!!" Went to the humane society..visited him..said he was perfect..two days later he was home!
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Great Idea for this thread Felicia!

Well, we choosen to Milky! loving memmorie to "Misho", He was a cat that my wife to have been during our relation ship and he dies.......( he was a White kitty!)
We try to find (after our marriage) not a sustitute,... but we love the Whites Kittys!

(Yes Nice Master I´m at your orders! ..............)...
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I rescued Pepper out of a busy intersection, and nearly got run over for my troubles. I saw her get tumbled by a car, and she jumped up and started to run off. I stopped my car, and she ran up into my brake spring. I was lying in the road, under the car, trying to pull her out, when my s/o, who was behind me in a Ryder truck stopped and directed traffic around me. He does not usually raise his voice to me, but he really gave me a dressing down for not being more careful.
Pearl was rescued from an abusive home by my daughter.
I was working in a hotel with a trailer park behind it, and someone abandoned a litter in a trailer. The manager took 2, but Scooter escaped, and was later captured by the maintenence men. They were going to kill him, but the manager stopped them and brought him to me.
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