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Cagney on the web....?

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I just got this in my e-mail...not sure how or why this was done...but that is MY cat Cagney!

I've posted her pic on a few sites, but never given permission for it to be used....whats up?


How would you guys feel about this?
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That is so strange! I'll have to take your word for it about it being Cagney. I don't remember seeing that pic before, did you post that exact one here?

Maybe you should contact the administrator of that site and ask them where they got the pic.

vereeeeeeeeeeeee strange.
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If someone had taken one of my pics and used it as 'bit' or as a part of anything like that, I would be irritated about it being reprinted (?) on someone elses site without permission and would want some answers.
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I feel the same way, I would be very upset about my cat's picture being on someone's website without my knowledge or permission.

Cleo, is it possible that a friend of yours could have had this picture of Cagney and submitted it to the website?
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I would contact the administrator, too. I'm new so I've never seen Cagney before, but clearly it is Cagney, because if you scroll to the end of the page, it says "submitted by Cagney".

People think the web is so massive, that if they steal stuff they will never be caught.
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I had this happen a couple of times with cat pictures I have taken. I never got any satisfactory answer why the pics were stolen, one lady told me because she thought it was so cute she had to share.......I hope you can at least get it taken off the site and put back where it belongs.
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Here are 2 pics I've posted of her...I'm trying to remember where I've posted that particular pic...will look some more.

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ahhh...here we go, I found one place.http://www.care2.com/prettypets/view/931910366

I know its not a big deal...but it irritates me for some reason?

(isn't she a beauty though?)
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If you scroll all the way to the bottom of the page you will see a link that says click here for more funnies. When that page comes up, it looks like this might be the first day Cagney's picture has been on that website.
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Cleo, I know what you mean about that being rather spooky. There is some really strange stuff that goes on on the internet....in Nov. I had posted a thread with pictures of all my cats here, that Catarina had posted for me, and I went back to find the thread a few days ago, because a couple of people wanted to see it, and I finally found it, but all the pictures had been taken out and one of the pictures was even replaced with a picture of some guy's face that I have never seen in my life. It really spooked me out. I wonder if my cat pics are floating around the web somewhere too. weird.
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I would be upset too. Unfortunately, I think once something is posted on the internet it becomes public domain unless it is copywrited.
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Actually, Ady, that isn't true. You own the copyright to your pictures, graphics etc even without going to the trouble or expense of "copywriting" them. The digital millennium copyright act guarentees that for you. I'll see if I can't find a good copyright article that I read the other day and post the URL here.
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