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too shy:(

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Daffy is going to be harder than i thought to coax into being cuddly LOL
She is very shy and doesnt take well to being picked up or held....although she will jump on the bed and rub all over me and lick my hand if i am laying down in a non threatening position....
which i can understand...because she is still getting used to us....
I guess i must have overpushed the issue and she tried to bite me
So now I am ignoring her....on the advice i received here before...
Only problem is she is a persian with extremely runny eyes and she will mat if i dont brush her soon....i tryed to do these things and clip her claws and it was a disaster...
so do i wait until she is more comfy and let her get gunky eyes and messy hair????? or do i force this hygeine????
I want so badly for her to trust me...i can see the lovey in her wanting to come out...her former owner said she was the most lovable cat she ever had.
also would feliway or bachs rescue remedy help??
also let me add i do have a lab pup that wants to play with her and she wants nothing to do with her but loves the other two dogs...
she hides when lacy is out....
could this be why she is so upset????
I know it takes a long time but i really am getting discouraged....

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I was thinking....should i confine her again in a safe room....maybe i let her out to early????
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I would keep her in a safe room with some feliway to help calm her down it could be the puppy. it could be here just taking a while to adjust as well. Lily and Lace have been here for sometime and they are still not super cuddly with me. but Lyla their sister who came later has. It depends on each cat I think. but she should have a brush and her eye gunks cleaned (lily lace and Lyla are persians btw )
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I know she needs brushed and her eyes need wiped....but i am afraid if i do this she will shy away from me more
I will try again in a couple of days....
I just sat on the floor and she ran up to me...but still runs when i reach for her...she does let me pet top of her head though
My husband thinks she may have been a caged breeder...because of some of her actions....like hiding in a box and peeking out....and looking like she cant beleive she is walking around a house....
I do know she was bred once....
He thinks they lied to get rid of her
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Poor girl. Our ex breeders are never like that. Just give her time, but do wash her eyes.
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I think she must have been kept in a cage all the time
I will wipe her eyes...should i just use a damp cloth....i used to use eye envy on Nico but i dont have any now....ill order some....
I wiped her eyes out the first four days but just used a damp cloth....
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Poor thing. she could very well have been kept in a cage. a damp cloth will be ok. I use unscented baby wipes cut one in half and use one half for each eye. make sure they are unscented though. dont want the scents irrateing the eyes.

What i have done with Lily, when she didnt really want to be handled was gently scruff her and start brushing softly. than release the scruff, and she would stay. sometimes not long. but she left purring. and i let her go. now she comes running when she sees a brush.
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I use Kitty Eye Wipes I buy in Petsmart on my Persians.
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