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Lexus seems to be doing well except for stinky poop. I had thought this was probably due to switching foods, but someone on another board mentioned coccidia. Does anyone here have experience with this?? I will try to get a stool sample into the shelter vet tomorrow if possible, but I have class all day and the vet is only in early Mondays I think.

I am REALLY worried about this since the person who thought it might be coccidia mentioned kittens can crash fast and because Lexus has been playing with my dog since she arrived. Maggie and I are scheduled for therapy dog events in two weeks so we can't be getting sick in the next 14 days. I'm freaked needless to say.

Good vibes and info please!!!!
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Great job noticing this change in your little girl's stool!
First and foremost, Eric, you are doing the absolute best thing by getting contacting your Vet. If it is not possible for you to abtain a stool sample, please take lexus in for a fecal exam. Please do not jump to conclusions because a nonmedical individual has given you their opinion of what could be the problem. You're are making the wisest decision by having her examined by her Vet!
Please get well soon, Lexus!
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When we bought Garfield he had the worst case of coccidia my vet had ever seen.

It does not only consist of stinky poo.
Is your kittys poo very runny?
Does your kitty have blood in his poo?

These are 2 of the major symptoms of coccidia.

Here is something for you to read....

Please keep us updated and let us know what it is.

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Just wanted to add that taking your furbaby to the vet is the safest and wisest decision you can make.
Good job!
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Ok thanx for the quick replies...thought I'd check before i went to bed and was happy to get more info!

Lexus' poo is just soft...kinda cowpie consistancy, stinky, slightly green?, no blood, no mucus. She seems to be eating ok and drinking fine, no dehydration according to the skin pinch test, a little thin, but she was that way when I picked her up (stray originally according to shelter records).

She's still as spunky as ever, if not more so, actually ran along w/ my dog on a little walk around the block today (carried her most of the way lol). I've had her since Wednesday afternoon - poo was fine until I started adding the Eagle in I'm pretty sure.
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Can I add some yogurt (for the 'good' bacteria) to her food and see if that helps? If so, how much? I'm hoping this is just a little kitten digestion issue.
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This certainly may well be due to her change in food. We must slowly transition our kitties from one food to another, gradually more of the new as you decrease the old. You may want to consider giveing her a bit of acidophilus. One way to do this is to get a bit on you finger and rubbing it on her gums. Sure hope Lexus is feeling better soon! Good for you for getting her to the Vet!
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I would try a teaspoon of yougurt or one acidolphlis capsule eptied into food( i use human)... Vet is a great idea to ensure it is food not something unknown...
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