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How long have you seen a cat nurse?

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Ok, maybe a weird question, but our 5 month old kitten goes to momma to "nurse" a few times a day still. I know she's not lactating anymore, and she is lukewarm about his doing it, but she does groom him while he attempts to nurse, then she pushes him away after a while. Just wondering if anyone else has seen this. It is kind of nice that they're still bonded. The vet said that she would forget she was his mom. Guess he (the kitten) is sort of making it hard to forget, LOL!
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Missy's babies are just over 4 months and all still try and nurse. Like your momma cat, she licks them and kicks them away after a few mins. Sometimes she lets them go as long as 10 mins but not often.
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I have heard of 6-8 month old doing this.. one kitten was over a year and trying..
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I was wondering this also. My kittens are on week 6 and still nursing quite regularly, but also enjoying hard and canned kitten food as well as water. Will they be ok to go to their new homes at 8 weeks if they're still nursing regularly? Why isn't momma cat stopping them?
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Most people would tell you that 12 - 14 weeks would be a better time. Even though the momma cat isn't providing all their nutritional needs, there are things she is teaching them - how to behave like proper kitties. We had a kitten several years ago that we got at 6 weeks, and she was a nice cat, but attacked hands and feet. When we had our kittens this April, I make them stay for 10 - 14 weeks. They are much better socialized than the kitten I had gotten before at too young an age.
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my sister had a stray show up so she took her in and she had a litter.My sister kept two and did not know the mom could get pragnet right away.So the mama cat had kittens a second time and the big male she kept still nursed even pushed his way into the new babies (two of them) and nursed with them.
Well everyone is S/N and he still nurses he is a year old and two times bigger then mom
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What a silly boy!
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I know that it's usually best to wait until 12 weeks, but I've also heard 8. My momma kitty isn't the best behaved kitty herself. I worry that the kittens which I will keep will learn too much of her bahavior as well. I got momma at 5 weeks old. Her whole litter had been put in a garbage bag and dumped on my sister's lawn.
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Mabby suckled on Doofus' nipple untill she was 1 years old. I think it is just a comfort issue...
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She's his "blankie!" It's just kind of funny because even at 5 months, he's as big as her. But it's really kind of cute.
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LOL, I had a kitten who grew up and had a litter the same time her mom did. I was changing the litter one day and they were both walking around when I see that the daughter was nursing on the mom at 1 1/2 years old!
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Well now I have a male that is a year old that tries to nurse on the lambs wool cover on the chair Go figure He alway's has done that.
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