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Hoping to help Katrina victims!

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Please say a prayer for me or at least think of me tomorrow. I am a nurse, with a friend who's father is a pharmacist. We are trying to pool our resources to send some medications to Baton Rouge, LA. I have an e-mail telling me what they need and where to send it, but as a nurse I need one of the 6 doctors I work with offer their name and liscence (sp?) to be able to purchase the medication from the pharmacist (at cost) to send down.

I know that time is of the essence; when I talked to one of the nurses saturday morning, she had one lady who had been waiting for insulin for several days. My plan is to order the medication and get it shipped tomorrow if possible, and then ask friends and co-workers to pitch in. Of course, it is just among friends, but I truly hope this goes well.

I'll be at work tomorrow, and able to open the excell file e-mailed to me to let me know what is needed. PM me if you want the same contact info...I definitely don't want to try to collect $ on-line, but if you want to help directly I'll let you know where I am sending things.

I also have a non-monetary collection going at work, where someone else is shipping a truckload of over the counter medical supplies next Friday. But if I can also send some antibiotics and insulin down right away, it could save lives!

Thanks in advance for your help in making this happen. I am very nervous about whether I can make it all happen, but feel I am in a unique position to help!

Thanks for your help!
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Wonderful! Good luck!
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Awesome!! Good luck with everything!
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Oh yes, I defintely will.

My husband and I had to go out and about Saturday and you will not believe how just many people are affected by this. We went to Walmart and Target, both in the same area as the Astrodome and Reliant Center. Almost every car in the parking lots were of people from Louisiana. Hotels around the area are just full of people still, and we've already had a beginning of what looks like a fews years worth of people start flowing into my office for help in looking for homes. My office is trying to help these people the best we can with provided them with short-term leases for 3 months and above. I just wish more landlords would do this. I will start my volunteer work in the next 2 weeks with the Children's museum and I am going to assist in putting programs for the young children who are patiently waiting for the next step in their life. Please pray for me to be strong and especially stay healthy through my work with these wonderful people. Also, please pray for these people for strong hope and getting the help financially and medically that these people need so much.
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Sending lots of prayers for your success!
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