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Orphaned Kittens

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There's a local rescue with two-week old orphaned kittens. I have a mother cat who is still nursing her two kittens, although they are at least ten weeks old. Would it be a good idea to see if she might nurse these kittens also? Or is this not a good idea? Thanks for any help!
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You can try it, but be sure the kitties aren't sick with fleas or something, because you will have to rub them, then rub your momcat and her kittens with the same towel, and keep doing that to switch scents and make them accepted by your nursing mom. So be sure there are no fleas, no ringworm or other parasites. It sometimes works, and it sometimes doesn't work.

Plus take into consideration how hard it is on your momcat to nurse these babies. A better idea would be for you to bottle feed the orphans if you are willing.
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