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Barb put together a Homepage for me (ok,ok..I'll learn how). Just thought I'd invite one and all over for a viewing. That pic on the top is my back yard..see if you can find the "forest queen".http://meme-photos.20fr.com/WayneHome.html
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Great site KF!!! I love the kitty photos!!
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Wayne, you might be interested in my home page, with my two tuxes (and two tabbies): http://wesees.tripod.com

It's funny, because Big goes on a harness and leash, too, and we also call it "walkies"! He's too heavy to go to the vet in a carrier, so I put him on his leash! Gets alot of comments in the waiting room!

BTW, I think I DO see a "forest queen". Was that intentional, or did you notice it after the page was put up?
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Wayne, I just revisited your site and view all the pages, not just the kitty ones. You are very talented - I love your drawings and your stories!
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What a wonderful site! Great job putting it together Meme!
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Barb insists I tell you the site is still under construction.

Cooie,very impressive cats you have there. Love 'em all.

The lead pic is actually 2 pics in one...the right half is actually my backyard,the left half is a mirror image spliced in by Barb to make a bigger pic. The "forest queen" in the middle is an accidental creation but fits in real well. If you haven't found her yet,look just above the center letters,find her flowing crown,follow it down and you can make out her "face".Follow down to her spreading "robes".
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Thank you Adymarie!!! And Daniella!! And Cooie your Kittys are adorable!

Well thats it for now on the site. I just added a rainbow bridge page and a cat links page. But there is much more to go yet. Just will take time. I have 10 rolls of film from New Brunswick that need to be scanned and put online one of these days

And KF.... so glad you like it!

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Very well done! I enjoyed reading the stories- and looking at the pics and drawings. Good job putting it together Barb!
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WOW! What a great site! I am impressed! Great job, Meme!!
I did see the forest queen...that is cool...you have a beautiful backyard! Your drawings are awesome, Wayne!!! My favorite is the one you did for your mom on mothers day with the flowers and the birds and the bucket. They all were beautiful, and so were the kitty pics...you sure are talented! You really have a way with drawing flowers, I especially liked the ones with flowers.
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That is a beautiful site. Lots of things to look at. I looked at Meme's site and enjoyed looking at the plantations and waterways. I also like her lake applets.

All of your drawings are good. I like the picture of your back yard. It is a great site to visit.
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Well thank you again everyone for the nice comments. My server has been down today and just now able to get CS up. Will let everyone know when I get the photos of New Brunswick on there...may be awhile yet.

Thanks again,
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