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Distress call

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If anyone is in the area and can help please pm or email me. Posting for an outside party

Over 1 1/2 months ago a friend of mine was traveling through new jersey from upstate ny and someone cut them off on rt 80 east in new jersey. They went into the woods and the cat carriers of their two cats broke open and they went into the woods. One was caught about in a month's time but Raphael is still out there. HE is deadly afraid of the outdoors and people experienced in this have said because of his timid and shy self he will not travel far. These friends are desperate they cannot sleep or eat lots lots of woods with cover. They have been coming to nj when they can spending many days here. They need help with a volunteer group like Trap Neuter and Release groups but where are they in NJ? This happen in Morris County NJ. They need help because they live 4-5 hours away. Please help!!!. Thank you
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That is terrible I wish I could help.. Vibes for you guys!! {{{{}}}}
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Hissy....it may help if you put the location in the title.

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It is there- Morris County NJ
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Hissy, I'm so sorry. I believe this is the same story I was reading on eBay's Animal Board...she has posted a couple of times desperate for help and it is absolutely heartbreaking. I believe her name is Niki? But I'm terrible with names so could be wrong...but if it's the same story, they were in an accident and the 2 cats escaped. She was desperately seeking volunteers to coordinate with a search, which was made difficult because this happened on an interstate I believe, but the noise made it impossible to hear the cats if they were answering their calling.

Last I heard was about 3 weeks ago they found one and were still very anxious to find the other, but had run out of money (I believe one was out of a job?).

I sure wish I was closer so that I could help. But you & your friend have my most sincere, heartfelt prayers that they will find the other one.

If there is anything at all I can do please do not hesitate to let me know. My heart is truly breaking for them.

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