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Averee I miss you everyday

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Here is the memorial I have on the website listed.

You came to me a couple hours old. I took you in with joy to raise you to grow up and be happy. You loved to play with your brother and sisters. You purred all the time, licked my face and rubbed your head on mine. You ran to me when ever I called your name. You did everything with me. You even came to work and grandma's house every day. You meant the world to me. Then you started to sleep all the time. You weren't gaining weight. You stopped playing with your friends. I knew something wasn't right, but I fear that I waited too long. I took you to my new Veterinary job, and had the doctor give you an exam. I knew it was bad when she called another doctor in. They had found a mass. We did x-rays, ultra sounds, exploratory surgery, IV's, meds, but the news kept getting worse. You didn't want to eat anymore and your temperature was like a yo-yo. You still purred and kissed. I thought 9 months, it wasn't fair. I knew I couldn't let my baby suffer any longer. I made the hardest decision of my life and I miss you terribly. I will always remember you Averee. Your are mommies little girl. We will meet again and be able to rub each other.

Erin, Tim, Evalynn, Savanna, Mandarin, Jinx & Sophia
West Allis, WI
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Oh Erin!, bless her little heart, look at her Such a young age to leave this world

RIP Averee you gorgeous little sweet pea enjoy playing at your new home over the bridge until you see your mum again
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What a sweet baby. RIP little one
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My condolences Erin..
R.I.P. sweet angel....
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Oh, how sad! We lost a black kitten last fall, too. We still miss our Mattie. I am sorry you lost Averee! May you find peace in your heart as time goes by!
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Oh Erin, I know it hurts so bad. You just have to know in your heart that she is in a better place and that you will see her again. Maybe her and my little Vinnie are at the bridge playing together, he was obly 5 months old and I miss him with my heart and soul.
If you ever need anyone, I am only a PM away.
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Erin, so sorry for the loss of your sweetheart, Averee. I hope you will find comfort in your precious memories. I lost my long time number one cat of almost thirteen years old in July this year. I still cry and think of Max every day. But one thing that helped me so much was that I wrote a story about him. Maybe you need to write about your cat. We will all be hoping you feel better each day.
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Erin, I'm so sorry for your of this precious baby. Thank you for giving Averee so much love. RIP Averee.
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