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Cats in Sinks

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Has everyone seen this site?
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No, I haven't seen it before!!! Thanks it looking interesting!!!
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That's cool

shame you can't link to individual pics of some of the really cute ones to send to people
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OMG That's funny! I didn't know so many loved sinks! Our biggest kitty (Radar) likes to curl up in the bathroon sink, and he practically fills it up! I'll have to remember to take a photo, and perhaps join the fray...
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Aw, those were cool. I have one of my cats that especially loves the sink!
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I've seen that site before, I love it!
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My cat loves the bathtub. I have to keep the water dripping for him to drink from and a lot of the time I find him sitting with his rear end under the dripping water and he's asleep. Yet give him a bath and its world war three.

P.S. I had to bookmark that webpage!
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Too cute!! LOL
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I've wondered why cats like sinks so much; mine sure does! My only guess is because it's cooling for them (the porcelain).
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What a neat site. I had no idea sinks were so popular. I have a special chiropractic pillow that has a depression for your head, my cat LOVES to sleep there!
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I think I seen it before.

My Gordito loves to sit in the sink as the water drips onto his head. Or even the bathtub. lol
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mine will sleep in the sink or the bath tub if they can,reggie will pull down a towel and be cosy for the night.
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I've gotten the crud scared out of me on more than one occasion, walking into a bathroom in the dark, flipping the light on, and seeing a giant orange striped monster curled up sleeping sweetly in the sink!

This morning the little bugger wouldn't move. I had to actually go into the other bathroom in order to brush my teeth, cuz I felt guilty in feeling like I had to make Hammie move just for little ol ME to brush my teeth.
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this site had been featured in a thread here a few weeks ago, but am I ever glad that you posted it again! My 5yo niece wanted to see cat pics (I was trying to offer an alternative to cartoons & the competition was stiff), when, voila!, I found your post. TCS WON!! another TCS addict! Thanks again!
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It's been mentioned here about five times. I always love visiting it!!
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