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New Cat Condo/Tree

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I won this Cat Condo from ebay and my kittens love it. I have included some pictures to view. The top should have another post on it, but for now its too high for my kittens. Well I should say if they are playing I don't want one to fall from 6 1/2 feet up. We also have it next to the couch. After a while it will be moved into the guest bedroom next to the window. In total I spent 95 bucks on it and it was well worth it.

Lombardi was the only one who would show off as I was taking pictures...Jaiden prefered to lay inside the box!

Original condo is here.....

Jaiden hiding inside her den!
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That is such a cool condo for them!!! They sure look like they are enjoying it.
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Yeah! A new cat tree to explore.
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It looks great , say they love it
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Wow, you got a good deal! It looks like a really nice one for the money, & your babies like it, too!
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Looks fantastic, and the kitties think so, too!
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$95.00??? What a steal! I'm sure your kitties will love it for years to come!
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YOu know Ive been watching a smaller cat condo on ebay and it looks exactly like you brand and semi style, but smaller. I wonder if its the same ebayer. He started his auctions at $.99 and shipping is only $22 for this one. Now that Ive seen yours and your happy with it Im thinking of bidding on it for our new baby.
It looks like so much fun for the cats.
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i'd love to have something this elaborate for mine, but just can't afford it.... yet! they are having such fun - later you can add the last piece, & it'll be like a whole new condo!
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Yeah they are doing better. I think once they realized how far up they were they got much better at their balance.
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Hehe, all I could picture is them jumping off the top of the cat-condo and onto you're head while your sitting on the couch.
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I was going to say the same thing. Kitties doing nose dives into thier unsuspecting humans laps right as they doze off for a nap!
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