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I Love Gordmans!!

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Ok so I am home to visit my family this weekend and we went to Mankato shopping, and they happen to have a Gordmans there, which I have never been. OMG! They have SUCH good and CHEAP things there! I have recently moved into an apartment with my boyfriend (in June) and needed some decorative stuff. Lets just say that I decorated my WHOLE apartment with autumn things and wall hangings, in under $150! They are good quality and have amazing things. Well the reason I wanted to post this is b/c they have really really really cute kitty things! Lets just say that I spoiled Harley and got him new dishes, a new collar, a new mat to go under his dishes and LOTS more! If anyone ever sees a Gordmans, your time will be well spent to go in there!!
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Thanks for the info. Evansville is getting one very soon. Cat things? Hmmmm...
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We have a Gordman's close by, but I've never gone there since I didn't really know what it was all about. I think I'll have to check it out now!
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may have to stop in when i am in Mankato
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I LOVE gordmans. THey have such cool stuff there! My mom and I went once and we spent FOUR HOURS just looking at all the stuff. I almost died when I saw they had gourmet jelly beans on one of the shelves (i love the buttered popcorn!!!) And they had such cool other stuff too! All this furniture, wood, wicker, lamps, vases, meaningless decorations, rugs, CLOTHES. Lots and lots of stuff! IT is soooo cool in there. I could spend all day looking at all of their stuff!!!! If I won a million dollar decorate my home shopping spree... I would buy stuff from gordmans!
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Hope you're having a great time with your family!
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I would love to have one near me. I was at one last year and LOVED it!
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Gordman's is so cool! We used to shop there alot when we lived in Nebraska. They have alot of cool things for the house that are pretty cheap. My daughter used to buy all her school clothes there too. That was three years ago and she still says she misses Gordman's.
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I've never heard of it, I guess they don't have them here in Canada ..maybe next time I go on a trip??, because I love to shop!!
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They sound awesome!
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Originally Posted by dawnofsierra
Hope you're having a great time with your family!
Thank you, I had a WONDERFUL time with my family!!

I'm glad that everyone else thinks Gordman's is great too! They do have just wonderful clothes there too, for SO cheap!! I got a $60 mirror for my living room for $20, I looked at Target at the same one, and it was almost $80!! I love sales! And they have such cute autumn stuff! I'm going back next weekend to do some more shopping! So many of their decorations were like $2.00, $5.00, cheap and such CUTE stuff!! I had a hay day last night decorating my former 'blah' apartment, it finally looks like home!
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