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New Question about Flea collars

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Hello I have another question. Someone had mentioned that it would probablly not be necessary to get frontline or some other sort of flea product for my kitten because she is indoors and we treat the dog. Well a lady at our church this AM told me that her two cats are indoor cats and they both just got fleas really bad. She suggested that maybe they brought them in on their feet or that the cats like to watch the birds out one of the windows with a bird feeder right there and maybe they jumped on the cats???? I dont know but she said I should get the kitten a flea collar
What are your thoughts on that?? Would a kitten be too young to wear a collar? And do they work? OR should I do frontline? And when are they old enough for that? Or is there a flea shampoo that I could use instead??
Any ideas or suggestions would be great. Thanks so much!!

Also.......I tried to post a picture of the kitten that my friend gave me but it would not let me and I saw that you have to have so many posts or something before you can go directly from your computer to here? Is that correct or am I missing something. Thanks
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No flea collars. Perhaps a member with a better explination why will come along, but from everything I've read here they are no good and they don't work too well. Something about your cat having some nasty chemicals around it's neck all the time.

As for posting pictures, maybe this link will help:
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Thanks for the info.....although I wouldnt imagine giving them the chemicals through their skin is much With frontline....I was pretty hesitant about that but to me that was better than feeding them a pill of some sort with my beagle. If anyone else has any insight Id appreciate it.
Thanks for the pictures link...Ive been there and read but I dont want to go through the hoops to post on another site first so Ill just wait.
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I believe most of the people on the site use the frontline/advantage/revolution type stuff. You only apply it once a month so it's different from having it on all the time.

I *believe* there is also a difference between the chemicals used in the collars and in the topical stuff.

If your kitten doesn't have fleas yet though, I don't know that you need to do anything.
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The frontline is better, because it travels. True, you do put it on one spot, but it moves. The flea collars do not move and the toxins can build up. Cats can loose hair, get skin irritations or even toxic shock from flea collars. Plus flea collars are dangerous as far as catching on items, they do not break-away. Contact your vet about the proper type of flea treatment to use and purchase it from your vet- that is the safest=
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Thanks everyone
The only reason Im asking is because of my girlfriend sharing her cats having Otherwise I dont think Id worry. Although this kitten is coming from off a farm where the mom is an inside/outside mainly outside cat. Is there a way I can check the kitten for fleas when I bring her home? She will be going to the vet two weeks after we get her so Ill have them check as well. What is the age for that. For our dog we couldnt give her frontline until she was 12 weeks?
Thanks again
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Flea collars are toxic to cats.... Please don't use them! Instead use Revelousion!!!
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The only time my indoor only cats had a flea problem was because the former tenant in my house left the carpetting infested with eggs.
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When I first got Ollie I put a flea collar on him and all it did was irriate him and he scratched at it constantly (and it wasnt just cuz something was on his neck - he regularly wears a collar and bandana and they dont bother him)... he's strictly indoor and I've asked my vet (who is a very trusted friend) and she said it's not really necessary to treat him.... as far as bringing your cat home for the first time: you can buy for relatively cheap a flea comb... when you drag it through their fur, if they have fleas you will see flea dirt on the comb and possibly some fleas (the flea comb is very fine toothed) - you should probably do this immediately since the cat isn't going to the vet for two weeks after you get it - you dont want your house and other pets infested.... if she does have fleas, a flea dip may work and you will probably want to medicate at least for awhile (using frontline or something similar).... I've never personally had a flea problem with my animals, but delt with it at work....
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Flea dip?? I also saw on a website about a herbal collar all natural. What do any of you know about that?? Heres the information...

A natural alternative to pesticides and toxins. Helps repel fleas.

herbal Pet Collars
A natural alternative to pesticides and toxins. Helps repel fleas.
One Earth Herbal Collars contain aromatic oil extracts of natural herbs, flowers and wood to provide help in natural flea control.
Herbs include:
and Marigold
Fresh herbal scent keeps your pet smelling fresh and helps to repel fleas.
These collars contain NO pesticides, and their fresh scent lasts for months.

I also saw Adams Flea and Tick Mist??? Any information about this??
Heres the info on that.....
adams Flea & Tick Mist
Convenient spray quickly flushes out and kills fleas and ticks.
Adams Flea & Tick Mist
Pyrethrins in an alcohol base.
Quickly flushes out and kills fleas and ticks.
Repels gnats, flies and mosquitoes.
Includes coat conditioner and fragrances.
Adams Water-Based Flea & Tick Mist
Gentle, water-based formula with pyrethrins and PBO.
Ideal for pets with sensitive skin.
Includes aloe, skin and coat conditioners.
Adams Flea & Tick Mist with Sykillstopâ„¢
Same formula and benefits as original Adams Flea & Tick Mist.
Includes Sykillstop (Nylar®), an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR).
Kills fleas, ticks and flea eggs.
Provides 18 weeks of residual activity against immature fleas.

I guess Im just looking for another way other than Frontline plus or revolution if there is one. Thats just so expensive and if I dont have to shell out that much I dont want too. I will buy a flea comb and be ready to check her but Im also wondering what do I do if she does by chance have fleas. I dont want them in the house if I can prevent them, but all the stuff I read says dont give to a kitten under 12 weeks. I think I saw one for 8 weeks maybe. Id hate to wait until the kitten actually has fleas to treat it as well. Then we have a bigger mess.
Thanks again everyone for their insite. This really helps me alot with preparing for our newest member of our family.
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Do not use anything other that what can be obtained by your vet.
Over the counter flea products can and have killed cats and kittens, it's simply not worth the risk.

And the herbal, well, citronella is often used as a pet repellant, not something I think a kitty would be happy about.
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Ok thanks.......Ill just keep my eye on ebay for some frontline plus for cats.
Thanks for all your imput everyone!!
I really appreciate it
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flea dip is basically a bath with medicated shampoo....
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If you treat them once with Frontline so you know they are clear, and then buy a flea collar, cut it into three and keep a bit in the vacuum cleaner, that will keep the house clean and kill fleas that might live in the carpets. Wrap the other bits of the collar in plastic and put them in the freezer and change them every three months. There are always far more fleas in the house than you find on the cat - they only jump on to feed. Then groom the cats regularly with a fine flea comb and you will soon see if they have picked any up from your feet, the birds etc. That way you won't use more Frontline than you have to.
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I don't like the collars that much either. They are very common here in NZ though.
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I like the idea of the flea bath and the putting a collar in the vacumn. Actually we dont have much carpet right now due to removing our old carpet because of cat pee. The previous owners owned cats and they apparently peed everywhere so we had our carpets cleaned when we first moved in and it was fine, but then we cleaned them again and the cat smell was stronger than ever and the carpet was old so we just removed it all. So now we have bare floors until we can afford to recarpet.
IS there any certain brand that you would all recommend for shampoo for kittens/cat?
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Please listen to the advice you have been given here. DO NOT use flea collars and PLEASE get your flea treatment from a vet who can prescribe the correct amount.

We have 2 Siamese - one is 15 1/2 lbs and the other is 8 lbs. We put Advantage on both - but the dosage is different. The dosages were prescribed by the vet according to weight of each cat.

Over the counter flea medications really do not do much. With one of our former cats (born from a barn cat), he had fleas terribly when we brought him home. We bathed him 3-4 times per week with pet store flea shampoo and it didn't do much because as someone else here said, the fleas weren't on him as much as they were in the carpet although we certainly got enough off him. After a couple months, we had to actually have exterminators in to rid our house of fleas and the kitty had to stay overnight at the vet for a de-flea.

Once fleas are in your carpets and furniture, they are difficult to get rid of.
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Well it sounds like I should just stick with the frontline..**sigh** I had hoped to not have to spend the money but hey comes with having a cat. My husband is a Pastor and we have five children and a beagle so money is tight but we really want this kitty so we will find a way. In fact I think we are going to have a garage sale this week to raise money for the kitten.
Thanks everyone for the info
Is an 6 week old kitten too young for frontline to be applied?
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I recently read that vinegar can be added to the drinking water. I am in the process of trying that with my two cats, who are outside cats, confined within a fence. I just added a little to start with and plan to increase it slowly. I thought it worth a try.
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Vinegar added to water for what?lol Im confused by your post. For keeping fleas away? Is that really safe? I dont know ANYTHING about cats so Im slowly
Ill have to look that up as well. Thanks
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Beckiboo, I am interested. I never heard that either. Garlic powder works for horses to help keep flies away but cats and vinegar? How do you get cats to drink water with vinegar in it?
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Originally Posted by Arlyn
Do not use anything other that what can be obtained by your vet.
Over the counter flea products can and have killed cats and kittens, it's simply not worth the risk.
NONE of the over the counter stuff works and it is extremely toxic! You would waste more money on that junk than Frontline and you would be putting your cat's health at risk. Please use only products prescribed by your vet.
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