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Mondays Challenge!!

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Reporters tell us that when all is quiet in parts of New Orleans and other hurricane struck cities, all they hear is the wailing and crying of cats and dogs that desperately need rescue. Please help us on Monday!! LEt officials no that we will not tolerate our pets dying in such a barbaric way.

Cross posted with permission:

The plan for MondayMONDAYS PROMISE 1000 CALLS TO THE WHITE HOUSE,MONDAY9/12Comments:202-456-1111......Switchboard:202-456-1414....FAX:202-456-2461.......comments@whitehouse.gov I was told by someone in Homeland Security yesterday, that believe it or not, the way to get this solved is to have 1000 people call the White House to demand that the military go in and save these animals. Now that they have evacuated so many humans, its TIME, NOW, to save their best friends. The death toll of humans is much lower than expected, but not evacuating the pets has made the animal death toll unimaginable. AMERICA DOES NOT ABANDON IT'S PETS WHILE WATCHING THEM SUFFER A SLOW AND PAINFUL DEATH. This is cruelty to animals, which humans caused by leaving them, then not rescuing them, NOW HUMANS MUST SAVE THEM. FLOODING THE WHITE HOUSE WITH CALLS ON MONDAY WILL GUARANTEE a call from the White House to the field to save the animals.

SPREAD THE WORD and thank you for standing up for the animals. You have saved many so far,and,manytocome!cassm07@aol.com for suggestions on how to get this out on forums and chat rooms today, tomorrow and until every pet comes home...
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I will be sending an email and calling! Those poor animals.....
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