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Terrorist Threats, now for Los Angeles and Melbourne

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This morning I heard on the news that Al Qeda (not sure if I'm spelling it correctly) have threatened an attack on Los Angeles, and Melbourne Australia.

I'm a Los Angeles girl. I wonder where they plan to hit or what kind of an attack they plan for my area. I'm a bit nervous, to say the least. I hope they don't plan to put some kind of poison gas in the air, or put poison in the water supply.
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Hope, that's so horrible What is WRONG with those Al Qaida (sp?) monsters? No God and No Religion says it is right to attack innocent people. Hope, stay safe. I will be praying for LA and Melbourne. I hope these creeps are apprehended before anyone gets hurt.
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I live in the LA area too Hope, and I have to say, haven't we heard this warnings every 9/11 since the first one? And a few times in between?

I'm not saying you shouldn't be scared, but I feel like if we lived in fear everytime they said this, we wouldn't have any fun.

If it helps though, LA is a big place, maybe go to a less populous/touristy area for some of the day? Or maybe you already live in such an area.
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I actually live in the Hollywood area. This particular threat was from a former Southern Californian from Orange County, who joined Al Keida. He read an official threat naming Los Angeles and Melbourne, and said something about how Madrid and London disn't listen, and that they planned to attack Los Angeles and Melbourne next. It wasn't one of those veiled threats like we always hear about.
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Yeah, I always wonder though, if they are going to hit LA, where? I mean, LA is really not a small area.

I guess ultimately I'm still more afraid of gang members than terrorists where I live.

I haven't heard anything about this particular threat yet though.
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It's been on the news all morning.
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i live in dubai where the rumour is that the government pays off the al qaida so that they won't attack us. dubai is like... the prime target in the arab world but luckily i don't think they are trying to prove a point to the muslim states...

anyway my point was that living in dubai is so safe. there is hardly any theft, stabbing and robbery of any sort. and i can imagine like eat raw fish said that if you lived in new york or a bigger city you would sort of always be living under the gun in a way. i hope they don't do anything. i hope it's just a threat.

somehow i don't think terrorism is a part of any religion with a standard definition of the word god.
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My dad works in Melbourne - he is there now!

Why are they doing this??? They just hurt normal people.
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very very scary..i saw that he used to live in orange county too..so who knows what/if other contacts he has there..or what they might be scheming..i wish i was born like in happier times..at least when there werent as many worries..no high gas prices..lol..and whateve else.
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