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Im New to this Forum.

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Hi, This is a cool site about Cats, Im still learning about how to get around in this site so bare with me. I found My Cat or I should say he found me in 1982, he was a stray, he seemed to be about 6 to 9 months old, he is still with me and is my best friend, he close to 20 years old and seems to be doing ok, I give him a massage every day, and he loves it and looks for it every day, it helps his arthritis in his hips, He's a Tabby cat, He's overweight and always wants to eat, That can be a problem for me controlling how much he eats, he is such a begger for food, Anyway i am always thinking about how much longer he will be with me,It saddens me to think He won't be with me much longer as he will be 20 this year, and it just is so hard as i think he realizes it himself. I call him My Pappy cat, but his Name is Bo. I will enjoy reading all the posts here.
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Twenty years - that says you are a good cat owner. Welcome to the site and hopefully, Bo will be with you for years to come!
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Oh KitKat....I am so very glad you found us here! Wow...twenty years!!!! That is great!!!! Most marriages don't even last that long..LOL I am glad he is still with you, and like Rene said...hopefully will be around much longer!!!
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Thanks Rene and Debbie for the welcome. Yes I do Hope my Bo will be with me a long while yet, Im having a oil painting done of him to hang in my Den, It will be a great Gift to myself.and a Tribute to my Bo Cat. Getting him to pose for a pic for the painting was no easy task, to get the right expression on his face, I can tell it will be a great picture when its done, Kitkat
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An oil painting!!! WOW...that is so cool....I bet it is beautiful! What a great tribute to your cat!!!
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Welcome to the forums Kitkat!

Have a look around. You're an experienced cat owner and I'm sure you'll have plenty to share with us on the forums.

Check out these threads for some posting tips:



If you have any more questions about posting, just ask away!
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I hope you enjoy the site. With all your experience, I'll look forward to hearing your cat tales.
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Dear KitKat!
Hi there!
Wow, that is so wonderful that you've had your baby for 20 years! lol...he's a big eater too huh? Wow! Outstanding! My cat just passed away recently, but I must tell you that that is how I found this site! You found the most promising place on the Internet for yourself and for Bo. The people here are so supportive and very knowledgeable. Lot's of wonderful suggestions are passed along; you wouldn't believe some of them too! No one pretends to be someone they're not either. The people here seem to be genuine animal lovers of all kinds. If you have a problem, you can rest assured your question will be answered. So, I'm happy to see you found us here. God Bless You & Bo! I'm looking forward to see that Oil Painting of yours too; are you planning to show it all?
I hope so!

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Welcome Kat and Bo! 20 years! WOW! He's an ole man, but obviously a well loved lil' guy. When do we get to see a pic?

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Hi All, Thanks again for the nice welcome. Catarina im so sorry about the loss of your cat. I do believe there is a cat heaven for our Loving Cats who pass on. I do have a picture of Bo in my Down load but I don't know how to get it to this site. maybe someone can tell me how to do that. I had another Cat who passed on, His name was Muffy . I will tell you about him sometime, he was a wild Cat I recused when he was a few days old and I raised him, The Momma cat was killed , hit by a car a few days after the litter was born, I'll save that for another post. Well Bo is pawing me now, he wants to eat, again, lols. he's such a fat cat. Take Care all, Meow Meow, Kitkat
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Dear KitKat,
Hi there! I was looking at the cat pages and you can upload your picture of Bo there while starting a really cute little homepage for him! It's nothing you need to be a webmaster for! So, trust me...it appears the template's already in tact and you just type away...the photo's and everything look Fantastic! I find The CatSite to be so self sufficient...just like a cat (teehee)...I also find myself at home so comfy while I'm visiting the site (kinda like one of my cats sitting on my lap). It's so strange, because I meet cool people and talk about the one animal that reminds me of someone I know best...(myself)...also, they're people that love all animals and go that extra length to help others...I hope you plan to stick around a while and enjoy it here as much as I have. Have a great day!
Hugs to Bo!-the little chubby

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Very well said Catarina....we not only love our cats here....but we love each other.
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