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the life of pi by yann martell

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i have to recommend this book... if nothing else it proves that fiction is still alive and kicking.

here is what amazon.com said:
Yann Martel's imaginative and unforgettable Life of Pi is a magical reading experience, an endless blue expanse of storytelling about adventure, survival, and ultimately, faith. The precocious son of a zookeeper, 16-year-old Pi Patel is raised in Pondicherry, India, where he tries on various faiths for size, attracting "religions the way a dog attracts fleas." Planning a move to Canada, his father packs up the family and their menagerie and they hitch a ride on an enormous freighter. After a harrowing shipwreck, Pi finds himself adrift in the Pacific Ocean, trapped on a 26-foot lifeboat with a wounded zebra, a spotted hyena, a seasick orangutan, and a 450-pound Bengal tiger named Richard Parker ("His head was the size and color of the lifebuoy, with teeth"). It sounds like a colorful setup, but these wild beasts don't burst into song as if co-starring in an anthropomorphized Disney feature. After much gore and infighting, Pi and Richard Parker remain the boat's sole passengers, drifting for 227 days through shark-infested waters while fighting hunger, the elements, and an overactive imagination. In rich, hallucinatory passages, Pi recounts the harrowing journey as the days blur together, elegantly cataloging the endless passage of time and his struggles to survive: "It is pointless to say that this or that night was the worst of my life. I have so many bad nights to choose from that I've made none the champion."
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Everyone raved about this book, so I got it out of the library and started reading it. Then I stopped. Felt bad about being "unliterary" so I got it out again a few months later and tried again. And failed. It sounds great, and I believe one really should read a book before dissing it, but I just can't get into it!

Umm... hope you enjoy it anyway!
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i totally enjoyed it!!

it has reaffirmed my faith in fiction. it's good to know that there are people who are pushing the idea of what a story is and could be to the limit.

i guess it is sort of like an art house film.either you love it or hate it or think they shouldn't have bothered in the first place!!
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I think it is a great book
I like at the end when he tells the story using his 'family'
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