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I was just wondering if it was normal for my little 2 month kitten and my 2 year old cat to play tag. When I let the kitten out of her room, there is some hissing and growling during the chasing, but the kitten seems to enjoy it and there has been no blood shed. The older cat bats at the kitten, but doesn't hit her. Is this for fun or should I be worried because this is aggressive behavior? Other times, they could be looking out a window together calmly. I can't figure it out.
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They are probably just getting used to one another and they are also establishing who is the alpha cat. I wouldn't worry about it too much unless they start really hurting each other.
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Yep it's normal cat play prey-play type stuff, sharpens them up to learn to hunt-
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Sounds like they are getting along fine. Just watch and see who is usually chasing whom. If they are chasing each other then that is good, it is play. If one is always chasing the other and seems to be aggressively trying to get him/her out of the way, then that is not so good. But if they are not using claws then I htink you have no problem - it is play and establishing dominance.
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All my kits play tag. Its adorable.....They always tag off in the living room and then they will run in either the bedroom or the kitchen...lmao.... I love them
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Sounds like an average day at my house! Trust me, if they were to REALLY fight, you'd know the difference--god-awful gutteral screaming, fur flying, a big mess. Oliver and Emma love chasing each other around, and occasionally Emma will just smack him for no good reason. All just part of them trying to figure out who's the alpha "big boss" cat.
If it would make you feel better, you can separate them when you leave for work or have to run out of the house for a bit--keep them each in a separate room with water, litter box, food, etc.
Emma's been grumpy lately since we moved houses, so if she's having one of her "emotional meltdown" days and seems like she wants Oliver to leave her alone, I'll separate them while I'm gone so I can be assured she won't whack him too hard in my absence
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My two chase each other from room to room, upstairs and back down again, then give each other slam dunks, then begin to wrestle with a couple of little harmless bites inbetween until they both tire themselves out.

So yes it's normal
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Thank you everyone for the info. This website is excellent and it's taken the stress off me to know that everything is OK. I will post pics of my feline family next week. Thanks again!!! Shyla
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