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Big nasty mats

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I am looking for advice for Morrell. He has these BIG gynormous mats in his fur (on the top of his back). The biggest one (the size of my 3 middle fingers put together) is the one that I want to deal with the most. I can't cut it with barber sheers for fear that I will cut him if he moves (the mat is very close to his skin). I bought a funny gizmo at the pet store today (a straight edged razor in a special holder). I tried to cut through the mat (with a sawing motion) and gave up (Morrell was getting annoyed with me and I wasn't making any progress).

Any suggestions?? I could wait until he goes to the vets. . . . but I was hoping that I could manage this on my own.
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Laurie you should take him either to the vets or a professional groomer. Mats are a big problem drawing in infections and skin disease
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Yes, I suppose you are right; that I should make an appointment for him. He's my most difficult cat to round up (he runs as soon as he hears the jiggling sounds of his carrier). He had a mat last year in the same spot (not quite so big) that he managed to chew off on his own. He has trouble reaching that spot on his back. My "Zoom" grooming was not successful in maintaining them this summer.

Thank you for the push, Hissy.
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Yes you must take him to a proffesional. mats are a big problem. and cause alot of trouble. Is George a long hair? I assume he is with the matts. A zoom groom is not going to be enough for a long hair. You should get a metal comb from the petstore to help with that.

My zoom groom barely touches my Persians.
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It's Morrell (George is my late kitty)
His hair isn't overly long - just thick.

Thank you for the input.
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Sorry about that. I would invest in a metal comb for thick hair to. Helps keep the matts away
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He needs to be shaved by a professional. You're very smart to not try and cut them out with shears yourself! It's so easy to cut them. Especially when the mats get that big and attach to the skin.

I'm not surprised that the zoom groom did not maintain your cats. They really are not effective for long haired cats. The others advice is correct! You need probably a couple of combs. One medium tooth and one fine tooth for the legs, top of head and face. Once he is shaved you should be able to keep up with him better using the combs!
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