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I am really close to my mum and sisters even though I very rarely get to see them as they all live on the other side of the world - but we speak on the phone 2-3 times a week usually. The rest of my mum's side of the family I speak to about once a month.

I very rarely speak to my dad's side of the family (with the exception of one of his sisters who married my mum's little brother).

My BF's family I see on a daily basis but would am not close to them at all - its just because we all live really close and work together etc

So I don't know!
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Originally Posted by Kellyyfaber
I am not very close to my family. My dad's side didn't want anything to do with me until I graduated from college ------too late now!!! I've experienced a lot of hurt from my family and just found it easier on myself to stay distanced a bit from them.
That's sad to hear, Kelly.
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Originally Posted by boys mum
both my parent have died,i have a sister who i will NEVER ever talk to again!! i 1/2 bro who i see on accasions.1 full brother who i see often,
as for my 1 lives nearby.the youngest lives quite away but we meet up about every 3 weeks or so.
my oldest wont talk to me (her choice not mine) and my son wont talk to me cause my ex wont let him??
i get on well with my MIL,see my BIL sometimes and dont have anything to do with my SIL
Sounds similar to my situation, minus the kids and in-laws.
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Originally Posted by cincocatz
I am adopted and don't know birth father. Estranged from birth mother and her family. My adopted father passed in 99 and my adopted mother & I are mending an estranged relationship for past five years. When she found out my husband to be was black she told me to never bring him to her house. She 'd never met him. So, I never took him OR myself til Thanksgiving last year. We have two sons from my first marriage, two grandsons, and all our lovely animals and that is all we need. #$*& the rest!
Thanks for sharing. That's right, what you have now is all you need. I have a mentor/close friend I call family, and that is fine by me.
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I see my inlaws infrequently. My mother died a couple of years ago. I have no contact ith my Dad. I do not get on ith my sister so do not see her and I have no idea where my brother is.

My family is my wife and my cats.
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I did not read all replies in this thread. I have no contact to my family, we have been four, two brothers and two sisters, both of my brothers are gone. My sister is totally other than I.
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My dad's family (my big fat Italian family) is ALWAY AROUND no matter what! They have come to every concert I've played in, every religious ceremony (I was raised, not surprisingly, roman catholic) and every little thing anyone in our family has done, everyone else is there.

I love it and I hate it They are a nice group of support to have, but My Big Fat Greek Wedding, will inevtibly become reality for me, only with Italians, not Greeks.
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I could actually care less about most of the people in my family. I do have one Uncle and his wife that i like quite a bit but I don't get to see them very often!! I like my brothers girlfriend but not really my brother so that is sucky!! Thats about it~!
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I'm 14, so I still live with my family, and I LOVE my parents, but we aren't as close as we should be.
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I see my family often. I am a Maritimer and we tend to be family oriented - it's not uncommon for patients to ask me who my dad is or they may already know! And I am IDed as the grand daughter of or daughter of, sighhh! I am very close to my parents and even to my bf's parents! I have a sister who lives in Boston but for us in this region, that's practically home, lol (There are often more ties beteween Boston and Toronto here and of course we are mostly Red Sox fans tho we were happy when the Blue Jays won,

I cannot imagine not being close to my family - including various and sundry relatives. This region is very close knit.
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I'm really close to my mom - she lives thousands of kms away, so I only get to see her maybe four or five times a year, but we stay close over the phone and stuff. My step-dad, who lives with my mom, is okay - I can tolerate him, but there's really absolutely no relationship between us other than politeness and small talk - I strongly disagree with a lot of his behaviour, with the way he chose to raise his children and the way he relates to them now, and with his politics, so I don't think I could ever be remotely close with him. Despise his kids, my step-siblings, and try to have as little contact with them as possible.

I am estranged from my sperm-donor, who was very emotionally/verbally abusive to me growing up (when he actually remembered I existed; otherwise he was ignoring me completely), and very emotionally/verbally/physically abusive to my mother, in front of me, no less - he left when I was 11, good riddance. I will never, ever speak to him again.

Very sporadic contact with my father's father (his mother is dead) - I write to him occasionally (he lives quite far away), but he's an alcoholic, and also abusive (never has been to me, but that's because I've spent barely any time with him in my life), so I wouldn't dream of spending time with him. Will never, ever have any contact with my father's brother, who IMO is a POS (for example, he offered my mother an exorbitant amount of money to divorce my father and not have any further contact with him, or bother him to have any further contact with me, either, when I was a baby - nice, eh?).

Sporadic contact with my maternal grandmother - was totally estranged from her for five or six years before she re-initiated contact. No contact at all with my maternal grandfather or the rest of my maternal family (aunts, uncles, cousins) - they are the most negative, miserable, angry, mean people I have ever known, and I just do not need that kind of energy in my life.
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I put other. The only members of my family that I'm particulary close to are my sister and my niece and nephew (that was after about 6 years of not seeing them - not of my choice). My mom & I can get along sometimes, but that's not often especially if my brother is around which he usually is since he's never moved out of the house and he's never had a job (28 years old!!!!!). I don't get along with him at all and try to not speak to or see him as much as humanly possible. My sister doesn't speak to either of them at all. She & I are the "bad ones" though truthfully we were Daddy's girls at it's all gone downhill since he passed away. I don't really see the extended family to often at all either, the last time was months ago for a funeral. Though I do have a couple cousins that I really wished I spoke to and saw more often. Sadly all of my grandparents passed away either before I was born or when I was very little (I think 2) and I didn't get to know any of them.
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I put that I'm closer to my inlaws, but I'm not married, however me and bf tend to spend a LOT of time with his extended family and very little with mine. We see our parents a lot though, but as far as grandmothers, aunts and uncles and stuff I see mine on holidays only for the most part. I think it sucks because they are all good people and have no ill will between us, and we all live in generally close proximity except for a couple people. I don't know why but I am emotionally unavailable. Always have been

But my bf is very close with his grandmother and aunts and he'll just stop over to see them without calling and stuff, it's weird. I only see mine when basically forced or at least binded by obligation. Again, I would like to but I can't open up.
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Well, I try to see my mom at least once a week, two tops. She lives an hours drive from me. My beloved father is passed. I am very close to my sister Carol, but only see her maybe once a month. My other siblings I am close to also, but see them at functions, etc.

As for Jerry's side, we see his mom and her husband once every two-three weeks. His brother and wife live around the corner, but we see them maybe once a month. I tend to be a loner, and Jerry is VERY busy with work and the fire dept.
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